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December 2017

iPhone Camera
Here's the ultimate guide on iPhone Camera Makes Masterpiece Series, you can keep pace with new articles coming up.   To begin with, let's learn at first the basic knowledge of camera lenses on Read More >
YouTube Won't Work Full Screen
Similar to YouTube black screen issue, choppy YouTube video problem, another annoying trouble often reported by YouTube users is the "YouTube Fullscreen Mode Not working". Users don't face any proble Read More >
Samsung Galaxy A5
Samsung needs no introduction. Anyone who hasn't heard of it is still probably living under a rock. Samsung has been a dominant player in the electronics market for as long as we can remember. They a Read More >
Ethernet Connection
It is a living nightmare: Imagine that you're watching YouTube, but the video keeps buffering. At this time, you may wonder what causes YouTube buffering and how to stop videos from buffering. Genera Read More >
Turn on Snapchat
You are a pro to share real-time photo chat images on Snapchat, but do you know that you can also share your saved images on Snapchat from your Gallery or Camera Roll? This post is going to show you Read More >
Free HEIC HEIF Converter
With the release of iOS 11, HEIC [Here's a full introduction of HEIC] has been introduced to users, which is said to be able to double the amount of compression without losing image quality. That see Read More >
Disable Chrome Plug-ins
"I bought a new Dell computer a few weeks ago with Chrome installed. For unknown reasons, video playback in full screen on Chrome became very choppy and stuttering. I installed Firefox to test my PC Read More >
3D Touch Camera
We've learned from the last article - Find 3D Touch Useless? Because You Are A Green Hand - and knew what is 3D Touch and how to use shortcuts at system level. Today, this essay is going to show you Read More >
Add Friends on Snapchat
As a popular and unique photo-sharing app, Snapchat launched a big update on iPhone and Android device, with the ability to Facetime and video chat with friends in real time, as well as send an audio Read More >
Poor Network
Can you imagine your life without YouTube? Quite harsh, right? Nowadays, we use YouTube frequently to share, upload, and download interesting video from YouTube. We can both visit YouTube via web bro Read More >
Google Files Go File Manager
The Google has created a kind of smart file manager app called "File Go", which can help users delete some useless files or remove the unused apps to free up the phone storage. Here we will share you Read More >
iPhone 3D Touch
iPhone has introduced a new powerful gesture -3D Touch- along with the release of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in iOS 10 and now it's getting more desirable and perfect with the development of operat Read More >
iPhone Security is Important
Do you really fully know your iPhone and iPad you're holding now? Despite having been using iPhone or iPad for years, there are quite a number of people who still have no in-depth knowledge of this b Read More >
Drag A File Between Apps
To make a better iPad experience, Apple has been working on all the time. With iOS 11, here comes a new feature for all models of iPad including iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini - Drag and Drop. As Read More >
Fix Choppy YouTube Video
"Recently whenever I play a YouTube video on my Lenovo computer running Windows 10, it's choppy, jerky, skippy – whatever you like to describe it. It plays and pauses every other second or so which i Read More >
Though the touchscreen keyboard on your Android smartphone or tablet is great for texting, wouldn't it be greater to attach a USB keyboard to your Android phones or tablets? After all, bigger is bett Read More >
Auto-change Format When Transferring
Apple recently introduced HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format) in June 2017 with extensions like .heic and .heif, which is supported on the latest iPad and iPhone running iOS 11 or Mac running ma Read More >
Turn Off Show Recent Apps
After you upgraded your iPad to iOS 11, you must have noticed the big change of the Dock. Now, you can drag and put up-to-13 applications in the Dock with extra 3 most-recently used apps, say, a tota Read More >
What is HEIC/HEIF File
Apple announced support for HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format) in macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 in June 2017 with filenames like HEIC and HEIC. I'm sure you must have come across this term in ar Read More >
Import Playlist Error
Perhaps after a hectic process of searching and gathering songs, you've created the world's best playlist for birthday parties, for writing on a rainy day, or for a long journey.  You can send these Read More >
Repair Broken iPhone
A great product should include high-quality hardware and software as well as a desirable after-sales service. Being an iPhone owner, you must know of the Apple Limited Warranty. Every iPhone enjoys o Read More >
Camera Specs S8 and i7
Night shot is always a great technical obstacle for cell phone developers. At the same time, it's also the one that requires mobile phones to have outstanding camera specs. Whether a smartphone is ab Read More >
YouTube Green Screen
Recently we posted an article about how to solve YouTube black screen, while some people have reported that they didn't come across the black screen but the weird one - green screen when watching vid Read More >
Useful iPhone Tips
iPhone is undoubtedly the most popular smartphone on this planet. There are now more than 700 million iPhones currently in use worldwide according to an estimate from BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Read More >
Samsung Galaxy Note 6
Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is possibly gaining most expectation among upcoming smartphones later this year. With its popularity, we definitely need to take a look at it.   Extra Tips: Best Samsung D Read More >
Check USB Drive File System Format
"I have been trying to access my USB flash drive on Samsung Galaxy S6 using OTG cable, but it seems that OTG cannot detect the flash drive. I’m sure my OTG cable is working because it works well when Read More >
iPhone Security is Important
iPhone security is an all-time concern for users. Though iPhone is exactly famous for its security system, it doesn't mean that there is no way to access your privacy in your iPhone like photos, vide Read More >
YouTube Black Screen
"I was going to watch Jimmy Kimmel, but YouTube videos are all backed out but with sound. Perhaps it's due to an unknown error loading video on YouTube? How can I do to fix this YouTube video black s Read More >
Apple decided to remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack from iPhone, and this decision is causing a lot of controversy and confusion. The reason for doing so is in the hope that people will use wireless he Read More >
Tun Win to Mac
Mac enjoys a great popularity in the world for its beautiful design and outstanding software. As for me, I am fascinated with the smoothness of performance and the elegance of the design on Mac compu Read More >
Snapchat Folder
This guide is about how to recover Snapchat pictures and videos from iPhone and Android. If you are looking for a guide on Snapchat photo recovery, this article will certainly be helpful!   Diff Read More >
Invite Calendar
Many have been plagued via iCloud calendar spams these days on iOS 11/10/9/8. Though we're already enough with irritating and bothering spam phone calls and messages, advertising spammers are still r Read More >
Elderly Friendly iPhone
With the popularity of smartphones, more and more people get used to using a cell phone. However, this may be a bit difficult for elderly people to accustom themselves to such a novel little gadget. Read More >
Razer Phone VS Google Pixel 2 XL
The Razer Phone and Google Pixel 2 XL are two popular smartphones in the current flagships. The Razer Phone is the smartphone for gamers, as it comes with an incredibly smooth Ultramotion display, an Read More >
Built-in Apps
iPhone nowadays appeals a great majority of movie lovers with their big screen, high resolution, and portable size. Generally, most people are able to enjoy beloved videos on iPhone. However, issues Read More >
Delete Mail Accounts
Some iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users complain that the mail app display error message like "Cannot Get Mail The connection to the server failed" when they try to retrieve new mails, especially from Read More >
Features in iOS App Development
The marketing purview of the internet is improvising at a rapid pace. It is becoming a necessity for the stakeholders to fulfill the requirements to stay in the game. The major development has been d Read More >
iPhone Speak Screen
Flocks of people rush on the way to work or off work, and crowds storm in and out of the train while their eyes are sticking to a cell phone rather than the road ahead. Nowadays, people are obsessed Read More >
Creative Ways to Arrange Apps
As "No two leaves are alike", so the organizations of Home screen on iPhone vary from people to people. Everyone has his own idea to rearrange apps on iPhone. Somehow, the way you organize apps can t Read More >
Create A List for Reminders
Are you the one who tends to forget your schedule if nobody reminds you? Sometimes people are too busy to remember what they're going to do next so often that a reminder hence seems quite important. Read More >
Backup iPhone via iCloud
"I recently upgraded my iPhone 6s from iOS 9 to iOS 11 and also bought a new iPhone 8 Plus.  Now, I'm stuck with a WhatsApp problem to transfer WhatsApp messages from my old iPhone to my new iPhone w Read More >
Add Mail Accounts
Do you receive and send quite a number of emails in a day? It's quick and convenient to reply a pile of emails with a computer, but sometimes you don't have a computer around. If you know how to full Read More >