Poor Network

Jan 19 , 2018

[Proven] Ways to Fix Google Chrome Crashing/Not Opening

“I’m Windows 10 and somehow Google Chrome keeps crashing and not opening. At first, tabs are not opening and then the whole browser seems to act up and won’t open...

Videos Won't Open

Jan 18 , 2018

[Most-Viewed] Top 10 Articles of 2017 on FonePaw Blog

As a new and friendly tech information blog, FonePaw Blog sticks to coming out with helpful and free methods to get your puzzle and trouble solved as well as tips and tricks to bri...

Nova Launcher

Jan 17 , 2018

9 Best and Fastest Android Launchers for 2018

A good Android launcher can help the users create a more beautiful home screen and arrange their app shortcuts and widgets of smartphones efficiently. Admittedly, every phone runs ...

Capture Light Trails with iPhone

Jan 16 , 2018

[Ultimate Guide] iPhone Camera Makes Masterpiece

There are countless photos taken by mobile phones every day around the world, of which most are shot with iPhone camera. Being a sophisticated equipment, digital cameras actually d...

Force Quit Chrome on Win

Jan 16 , 2018

[Resolved] Fix Google Chrome Freezing/Not Responding

Being the most renowned and popular browser across this planet, Google Chrome is a must-have application on both desktop and your phone. Even those who are using iPhone or Mac curr...

Solid Explorer File Manager

Jan 15 , 2018

The 10 Best Android File Manager Apps 2018

Admittedly, Android file manager apps are vital for users to manage and organize their phones files efficiently. With the help of them, users can browse their files, move some file...

Crop or Straighten Photos

Jan 12 , 2018

iPhone Photo Editor: Versatile Built-in Photo-Editing Tool

This article is the last one in iPhone Photography Tutorials, you may check out others by clicking the link as well.   It’s believed that a photo masterpiece must ...

VPN Access on iPhone and iPad

Jan 11 , 2018

How to Configure VPN Access on your iPhone or iPad

    New shows and movies, hot trends, live streaming, public Wi-Fi, click, like, share!   We are truly living in a digital world where everything see...

Use iPhone Shoot Videos

Jan 10 , 2018

The Beginner's Guide on iPhone Video Recording

Here’s the ultimate guide on iPhone Photography Tutorials, you can keep pace with new articles coming up.   iPhone is not only a still camera but also an advanced ...

Connect Android to OTG

Jan 09 , 2018

Proven Ways to Share Pictures Between Android with OTG

It is simple to take photos with your smartphone, but sharing photos between two Android phones could not be an easy task. You may be googling for a way to try syncing two Android ...

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