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Sep 20 , 2023

The 10 Best AI Text Generators: Top AI Writers in the Market

AI text generators have seen a tremendous surge in popularity in recent years. They've moved beyond being novelty items and are now part of the mainstream. Both professional and freela...

TikTok Safe

Dec 22 , 2022

How to make TikTok safer for your child

TikTok has become a daily routine for many people. Some consume content, while others treat TikTok as a creative outlet. There are even professional third-party services that offer Ti...

Sep 22 , 2022

10 Features That Make an Android Phone Perfect for Students

It seems that the debate between Android and Apple fans will never end. Sooner or later, the student has to choose which system to give preference to. Although Android smartphones are ...

Aug 26 , 2022

What  a self-managed dedicated development team is, and 5 reasons to choose Poland

Developing a project is a tough task, as it requires a lot of skills, time, money, and lots of other things you haven't heard of. What could make the situation worse is the constant go...

Enhance Presentation with iSpring Suite

Jul 25 , 2022

Back to The Future: How to Turn a Bunch of Old Stuff Into a Great Online Course

As time goes on, a lot of informative content becomes useless because of its outdated format. For example, do you remember the DVD boom? Those DVD catalogs (movie libraries) that ever...

Jun 16 , 2022

How is Deepfake Technology Changing the Social Engineering Attack Strategy?

Cybercrime has long since evolved from the traditional cyber attack methods with the integration of modern technology. As warned by the FBI in March 2021, the recent emergence of soci...

Jun 01 , 2022

How to hire offshore software developers in 2022 without a hitch

The question is, how to hire an offshore development team? Well, before answering that question, let's talk about the stats and benefits of hiring offshore developers. Thus, technolog...

May 17 , 2022

Benefits of Cleaning Your PC Registry

Introduction Have you ever faced a problem when your PC was running slow for a continuous period, and no matter what you did, the problem persisted?   Well, it has happened to ma...

May 13 , 2022

5 Tips For Buying A SaaS Company

Buying a SaaS company sounds like a great idea. If you consider where the market is headed, it seems like an even great idea. The SaaS business model exists in the cloud, so it do...

May 11 , 2022

What is a backup?

This topic is important both for beginners and experienced computer users. Unfortunately, most learn about backing up data when it is too late and what is lost cannot be recovered...

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