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Get Help with Error Code of FonePaw Product

By FonePaw | Aug 18 , 2016

With its professional mobile solution products, FonePaw attracts more and more users. Some of the users contacted us with their confusion about error codes that they came across during the registration. Here we conclude 9 error codes and their solution accordingly. This post can be applied to all FonePaw products: iPhone Data Recovery, iOS Transfer, Video Converter Ultimate, Android Data Recovery, Mobile Transfer.

FonePaw Products


Error 99


When you are registering the FonePaw products, the error occurs if network disconnects on your computer.


Solution: Check network connectivity on your computer. Try to reconnect the network or restart Wi-Fi router if you are using a Wi-Fi network. If the network disables temporarily on your area, wait till it is recovered and retry the product registration.


Error 2, 4001, 4201, Invalid


Error 2 means there is error occurred with your server. Error 4001 means the registration code doesn't exist in our database while Error 4201 indicates there is no purchase record for this registration code. The Error Invalid probably happens after you install a new operation system on your computer.


Solution: First, confirm the product is the right one you purchase. Second, check the registration code you spell it correctly especially the sensitive.


If you still have problem, please contact our supporting team via [email protected], visiting the supporting page or submit a question on feedback page of the product.


Error 4104


Every registration code can only be used on one device. So if you have used the code on one PC, you will see Error 4104 when you try to register with the code on other PC.


Solution: Avoid use the same registration code on different computers. If you need to use the FonePaw products on different computers, please consider our Multi-User package.

Products Price and License


Error 4103


The error code means that the registration code has expired.


Solution: If you purchase a One-year Business License of the FonePaw product, the registration code could expired. You can purchase the product again if you feel like it.


Error 4102


When you are registering, you need both the registration code and the email address that you used to purchase the product. The error appears when you type the wrong email address.


Solution: Try your other email address. If you completely forget which email address it is, you might contact our customer supporting team for help via [email protected] or submit a question on feedback page of the product.


Error 4101


The error means that you have applied and received a refund.


Solution: If you want to use the FonePaw after the refunding, you can always purchase the products again.


If you have any other errors that haven't been listed here, please leave a comment below. Or our customer supporting team will always be there for you.


  • nour emad

    how to get my regesteration code?

    • Hi,

      After you have make a order, a registration code will be sent to the email address that you submit. If you don’t get the email, please contact [email protected] via email.

  • Robin Baugh

    When restoring iPhone 6, it gets to 4% of deep cleaning, then returns error Sorry! An repair error/failure occurred caused by something abnormal. (Error Code:4). I’ve retried multiple times and can’t get past error.

    • Hi,

      As for this error code, your phone enter the recovery mode,so that our software can not solve the issue during this situation. Or you may read this article: to get out the recovery mode.

      • Robin Baugh

        Phone has corrupted OS and stuck on apple screen. I purchased product thinking I could wipe phone and restore and it gets stuck at 4% and returns error. Apparently this product cannot restore the OS either and neither can iTunes. I will continue my search for a product that can format phone and perform a fresh install.

  • Yuvaraj

    I have replaced my old laptop and when I try to register in my new laptop. I am getting 4104 error. Could you please help?

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