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6 Best Online Games for Students

By FonePaw | Apr 29 , 2021

College life can be very stressful, especially when you don't have any hobbies to help you unwind. Since the Internet and social media are enormous parts of our lives now, online games are an obvious choice for a hobby to relieve your stress.


The best online games make you happy while allowing you to socialize with other students, and learn things along the way. Here are some of the best online games to look out for when you're feeling stressed with your studies.






Matific is an amazing game that will help you hone your math skills. Here, you have to solve math problems and equations to progress in each level. It's an extraordinary way for you to feel more engaged in learning mathematics.


Matific includes interactive mini-games within each of the episodes. You can play this game on your laptop, tablet, and even on your smartphone, which means that you can play it virtually anywhere!




Minecraft is a very interesting and popular game played by students all over the world. If you enjoy LEGOs, then Minecraft will surely be enjoyable for you too. Here, you can create anything you want in a 3D world.


When you play this game, you learn different subjects, which is why it's an excellent option for an educational online game. In this game, you have infinite resources to use for building your world like sandstone, steel, concrete, and more.


The main objective of this game is to keep yourself protected from the creatures of the night, you can still unleash your creativity in the process. Apart from learning different concepts, you can also express yourself through building.


EVE Echoes


EVE Echoes is the spinoff game of Eve Online, which you can play on your smartphone. In this game, you can create your own path across a sci-fi-themed universe known as "New Eden. This is another educational game where you will learn skills like:


• Strategizing
You need calculation skills and creativity to mine resources, build your first ship, or even trade with other players to get the things you need.


• Coping when you fail
Since there is a possibility of failing in this game when other players engage you in combat, you have no choice but to cope if you want to keep going.


• Working with others
If you join an alliance with other players, you need to get along and work with them.


• Management
You need to manage your alliances, skills, and resources in this game.


Essay help for more gaming time


While it's more fun to play online games all day, you shouldn't forget your education. You should still set aside time to study to ensure that you learn what you need to progress to the next level. But when your teachers assign you too many tasks, it's time to use coursework writing service UK.EduBirdie. This is a reliable service where you can find expert writers to help you with your assignments. Then you will have more time to play games online with your friends.




Star Wars: Battlefront – I and II


Star Wars: Battlefront is a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy taking on different roles and competing with others. You can select any of the characters from the Star Wars franchise, choose their skill levels, build your strategy, and start playing!


You can battle teams on your own or cooperate with other players secretly. Just make sure to manage your time well as this game is very addictive. It's a good idea to finish all of your assignments and review sessions first before you start.


Once you have finished everything, you can immerse yourself in this game until your stress has completely vanished. When you're done with this, you can even check out the sequel of this game, Star Wars: Battlefront III.


Gears 5


Gears 5 is one of the best games you can play with your college roommates. Although this game has a single-player mode, it also supports three players in split-screen mode along with online coops.


By playing the multiplayer mode, you can join an online community with your friends and with other people from different parts of the world. Gears 5 will awaken your spirit of competition and your strategizing skills as you try to outsmart the other players.


For this game, you have to depend on the cover mechanics to ensure your survival during an enemy onslaught. This game also offers semi-linear environments that provide you with flexibility when sneaking on your enemies.




Portal is a game where you have to solve puzzles and other problems within a 3D world. This is another game that promotes gaming for academic success as it helps you learn while having fun.


This game hones your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. You will interact with the world of this game using a portal device that gives you the ability to move through ceilings, walls, and floors.


This game also encourages you to use math skills and physics principles to solve the different puzzles making it an entertaining and educational option.




The fact is, playing educational online games can help you feel happier despite all the pressure of college life. These games are all top-notch as they have all the right elements. They even give you a chance to learn new skills along the way.


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