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Jun 16 , 2022

How is Deepfake Technology Changing the Social Engineering Attack Strategy?

Cybercrime has long since evolved from the traditional cyber attack methods with the integration of modern technology. As warned by the FBI in March 2021, the recent emergence of soci...

Jun 01 , 2022

How to hire offshore software developers in 2022 without a hitch

The question is, how to hire an offshore development team? Well, before answering that question, let's talk about the stats and benefits of hiring offshore developers. Thus, technolog...

May 13 , 2022

5 Tips For Buying A SaaS Company

Buying a SaaS company sounds like a great idea. If you consider where the market is headed, it seems like an even great idea. The SaaS business model exists in the cloud, so it do...

Mar 28 , 2022

Passive Income Ideas: Making the Most of the Internet

The last few years have sure been hectic, and if there’s one thing a lot of people were forced to learn the hard way, it’s that it certainly is risky to rely on just one source of...

Feb 22 , 2022

The best Mac apps for students

A selection of useful apps for macOS will help you allocate your time wisely, highlight your primary and secondary tasks, and figure out how to get on with your life. You’ll also be a...

Feb 22 , 2022

Why Benchmark Data Is Useless Unless It’s Specific to Your Industry

Running a successful business can sometimes feel like running up the down escalator – if you stand still for even just a moment, you’ll be going backward. You’re always looking fo...

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Jun 15 , 2021

iOS 15 & iPad OS 15: What's New and How to Download

At the 2021 WWDC event, Apple unveiled iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 with many new features that help you keep in touch with others, work wonders with ease on iPhone and iPad. Now let's come t...

MacOS Big Sur Icon

Aug 20 , 2020

MacOS Big Sur: Completely New Look & Features

During the WWDC 2020 keynote on June 22nd, Apple unveiled macOS Big Sur for Mac and iOS 14 for iPhone and iPod Touch. The new systems bring a lot of surprisingly new features and refr...

iOS14 Widgets

Jul 15 , 2020

iOS 14 New Features, Compatible Devices

On June 24th, Apple announced its iOS 14 for iPhone and iPod touch during the WWDC 2020. The newly launched iOS 14 brings a lot of new features, like the redesigned widgets, compact UI...

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May 04 , 2020

5 Reasons Why Video Conferencing is Important for Your Business

If you are not keeping up with the technology in this modern world, then you will be left behind in almost every aspect of life. This fact is especially true when it comes to business...

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