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How to Factory Reset Your Android Phone

By FonePaw | Jun 18 , 2015

You may be frustrated by numerous data on your Android phone including cache images, spam emails and messages, call logs, etc. All these information will slow down your Android phone. When you are in attempt to solve such problem, just factory reset your Android phone!
What’s Factory Reset?
Factory reset of Android phone refers to restoring the Android phone to its original system state by erasing all of the data on the device. Doing so can effectively erase all of the data, settings, and applications that were previously on the device. A factory reset should be performed with extreme caution, as it will destroy all data stored in the unit.
Why Our Android Phone Needs Factory Reset?
· To clear data and release the memory space
· To remove a file or virus that is difficult to remove
· To erase personal information recorded in the phone
· To clear the configuration and settings of the Android
· To restore the device to its original settings or the device’s software to its original manufacturer settings.
· To fix a malfunctioning phone with many issues such as freezing and will not remove the device's operating system.
Before starting, may we suggest you make a backup before factory reset one more time, particularly some important data such as contacts, messages, photos, and etc. You can back up contacts to Gmail/Outlook. And you can export photos from Android to computer.

Method 1. Factory Reset a Normal Android Phone (Take HTC One as an example)

Go to "Settings" > Locate "Back up & reset" > Tap on "Reset phone" > Select "OK" > Hit "OK" again.
Note: When entering "Reset phone", you can choose to erase all data or SD card. Then photos, music, and other data will be erased.

Factory Reset Android Phone
After reset, all data will be erased from USB storage, including your Google account, system and application data, settings, and downloaded applications:
· Music
· Photos
· Other user data
· The decryption key for files on the SD card (You cannot use encrypted files on the SD card after you reset your device to factory defaults.)

Method 2. Factory Reset an Android Phone in Recovery Mode

When your phone gets freezing or locked because you forget the password, what should be done? Of course factory reset. However, the first you need to do is to enable your phone to recovery mode, then factory reset it.
Step 1. Enable Android Phone to Recovery Mode
Switch off the phone. Simultaneously hold on Power button + Volume up + Home button for a while until the phone logo occurs.
Tips: Operations vary with different Android phones. For some, holding on Volume down/up + Power button works.
Step 2. Factory Reset and Restart Android Phone
Press the volume up or down button to navigate options. Locate "wipe data/factory reset". Press the home button to select it. Then select "Yes". When reset completes, select "Reboot System Now". And the phone will restart.

Factory Reset Android in Recovery Mode
Issues got fixed, right? Now pick up your Android phone and enable the factory reset. Any doubts? Just put forward and let us know.

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Amber Brooks
Amber Brooks
8 year before

If a factory re-set was done and all photos were lost can any recovery be done? Basically is there anyway to get the photos back?

Emily Watson
8 year before
Reply to  Amber Brooks

Hi, friend
We regret to tell you that the present version doesn't support to recover data of factory reset. But we are keeping on making great efforts to enhance our program's quality and continue to release new versions to advance our program's performance. If possible, we will try to add this feature in the future update to meet your needs. Hope you can keep an eye on our official website.

6 year before

Since factory reset results in all data loss, do you have a recommendable way to back up my Samsung S8?

Emily Watson
6 year before
Reply to  Adalie
Steven H
Steven H
6 year before

If I Factory Reset my phone, will my google accounts be erased along with all the information in the accounts ?

Emily Watson
6 year before
Reply to  Steven H

No. Factory reset only erase all things stored in your phone memory. And the information in your google accounts are stored on Google server. So even if you have factory reset your phone, you can still restore data from a Google backup as long as you have made a backup before the reset.

fred Karikarj
1 month before

awesome technique

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