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Those Features Disappear in iOS 11

By FonePaw | Jun 27 , 2017
When you have installed iOS 11, you will be excited to enjoy the new features but have you noticed that some features have faded away? As for me, I usually use 3D Touch to enable App Switcher but now I cannot do this in iOS 11 Beta. It is not so convenient! Thus, I have collected some features that disappear in iOS 11 and want to show you in the following part.
iOS 11 Update 

  • Integration with social networks is gone.

Sean Cook has said "Social accounts have been removed from Settings iOS 11. Third-party apps no longer have access to those signed-in accounts." Therefore, when you move to Settings on your iPhone with iOS 11, you will find the social services disappear. In iOS 10.3 or the former, the users can save the social accounts and when you log in the third-party app, you are allowed to use the info from Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Flicker, and more with this setting. But now, you cannot!

No Social Service


  • You cannot slide up in App Switcher to close the app on iPad.

Previously, you can double clicks to call for App Switcher on iPad and you are able to close certain app with tapping it and sliding up. In iOS 11, this operation is invalid. If you want to close the apps that are using in iOS 11, please enter App Switcher. Then tap on that app and hit "X" button to close it but you can close 4 apps once.

Close Apps


  • 3D Touch to enable App Switcher? It cannot be used.

In iOS 10, it is interesting that you can use 3D Touch at the left bottom to call for App Switch on iPhone so you can go back to the last app or close the app. However, you cannot do it in iOS 11. I think this function might be return when iOS 11 official version comes out since lots of users are keen on it.


  • Doesn't support 32-bit apps.

iOS 11 cannot support 32-bit applications. The developers need to update their apps to 64 bit. Otherwise, they will be knocked out of Apple market. If you want to download an app with 32 bit, the device will inform you that is an error.


  • The multi-column mode in iPad widget disappears.

If you notice an iPad has two parts in widget, that device must be in iOS 10 or the former. When you update to iOS 11, there is only one column in the widget and it will stay in the middle of the screen.

iPad Widget


  • Can't search the purchased apps in App Store.

When entering App Store, you are allowed to slide down to find out search column. Thus, you could locate the ideal app quickly in purchased apps. In the newest iOS, you won't use this searching function.

App Store


  • Cancel iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive is replaced by Files in iOS 11. Files can manage local files, iCloud Drive and other cloud files together and support classify the files in different folders, drag-and-drop, etc. In a word, your files in iPhone/iPad will be managed orderly and you can do more with them.

Manage Files


Although the features above cannot be applied in iOS 11 at present, some of them may appear in the public version since there are still some bugs in this latest OS and the developer must improve it. If all of these disappear, how do you think? Which features do you still want in iOS 11?

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