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How to Report iMessage as Spam in iOS 8.3 or Newer

By FonePaw | Apr 24 , 2015

We all receive junk messages from time to time. If you're using iMessages, you even have more chances to get spam messages due to the fact spammers only need the email address associated with your Apple ID, and then they can send the junk iMessage messages to you.


You’ve always been able to report spam messages to Apple. But before iOS 8.3, it seems a little annoying – you have to email a screenshot of the spam message to [email protected] along with the phone number or email address of the spammer, and the date and time it was sent. The truth is that many of us probably didn’t bother reporting the spam or going through that much trouble to do so.


However, if you’re running iOS 8.3 or the newer, things can be easier. Here is the detail on how to report iMessage spam in i0S 8.3.


Step 1. Launch the Settings app and then select Messages.
Enable iMessages Filter


Step 2. Scroll down and turn on the option for Filter Unknown Senders.


Step 3. You should now see two different sections: Contacts & SMS and Unknown Senders. Tap on the Unknown Senders tab.


Step 4. All messages from unknown senders appear here. Tap on the message thread you want to report as junk, and then tap on Report Junk underneath the message.


Step 5. Tap on Delete and Report Junk in the popup menu.
Delete and Report Junk


That's it! Apple will receive a junk message report and it will automatically be removed from your devices. However, not all messages sent from "Unknown Senders" are junk, so you should take careful to press "Delete and Report Junk". If you deleted an iMessage messages accidently in the process, please stop use your device immediately to avoid data being overwritten. Then, try to use FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery to help you recover deleted imessages directly.

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