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Mobirise Free Website Builder: The Future of Web Design

By FonePaw | Jan 20 , 2021


In today's age of accessible technology, you may find yourself inundated with options for building a new website. This lies in stark contrast to the world of 10 or 15 years ago, where this was a job for professional programmers, and never the individual. But now we find ourselves truly spoiled for choice. In this review, we'll go over some of the features of Mobirise, and discover why, in a world where big-name website builders are available at a moment's notice, Mobirise might be the right choice for you.


Website Builder


Meet Mobirise


Ease of use, or accessibility, is what sets overcomplicated, bogged down software from fast, user-friendly treasures. Mobirise Free Website Builder has accessibility in spades- it's approachable even for a complete novice to website building, and that's really the biggest compliment we can give it. Many other tools leave you bogged down in submenu after submenu, drowned under piles and piles of unnecessary options, or worse: facing a block of code you have no idea what to do with.


Mobirise Free Website Builder is the definition of a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. Is there something on the screen you want to change? Merely click on it. Options pop up, simple as that. Click on a piece of text to edit it, change the color or style, etc. Click on a button to change where it links. Want to add something new? Simply click the plus sign at the bottom right of the page and pick from a thorough list of options. Mobirise makes website creation as easy as drag and drop.


Pick Block
Just pick a block from the list on the right to add it to your website- that easy!


Depth of features is every bit as important as ease of use, though. You may find yourself wondering with everything so simple and accessible if there are enough features to build the site you need. Mobirise Free Website Builder handles this extremely cleverly with its extension feature. If you're looking for something that isn't in the default suite of tools, you simply head over to the Extensions tab and add it to your site. This keeps your progress from being hindered by piles of useless options but keeps the features available for when you actually need them.


Tools and features


The extensions feature covers a host of awesome web design software - you just pick them from the list, and that quickly they're available to you to place as a block in your website. They cover a wide range of options, some free and some premium. The free options are your bread and butter- things like a customizable social media feed - while the premium options let you give your site some oomph, with things like professionally designed themes or web store integration. These extensions are what let you take your site from amateur to professional in an instant. There's also a huge sale going on right now- 98% off the entire suite of premium extensions! It's an incredibly good deal, but it likely won’t be on for long, so check it out quickly if you want to really amp up your website design skills.


Mobirise includes a wide array of powerful, easy to use extensions.


How to create a website With Mobirise


If you want to try making a new site quickly, the steps are extremely easy! You simply click on "Sites" from the list to the left and select "Create New Site". Give it a name and choose from one of the free themes, or any premium themes you've purchased. From there, just start adding blocks. They can be anything you want, from images to whole style blocks and more! If you want to add a new page, simply navigate to the Pages tab on the left and click "Create New Page". You can add buttons to any page to navigate around, or add a menu bar to the top so users can navigate from there. The page in the image below was made using Mobirise, and gives step by step visual instructions on how to set up a website fast!


I made this quick step-by-step image guide with Mobirise while writing this article! It's that easy!


Work on the go


Portability is another feature that just has to be mentioned when talking about Mobirise. Unlike many other free website builders, Mobirise is an actual app that you download, rather than just an editor on a website. It also works on both Mac and PC, giving you the flexibility to use it wherever you want! Unlike the many web-based builders, you can use Mobirise Free Website Builder anywhere, even if you don't have internet service. That means on an airplane, bus, or anywhere else- if you've got a computer, you can use Mobirise! This also means you don't have to worry about losing all your work if the internet drops out for a moment. Nothing is worse than realizing you just lost an hour's worth of progress because someone tripped over your router in the other room!




If you're looking for a quality, the reliable website builder that's extremely easy to use as well as packed with features when you need them, look no further. We've also left one of the best features for last- Mobirise is free! That's right, the software is 100% free for personal and commercial use. There is no barrier to entry here, so whether you just want to play around with a hobby project, or want to work on a professional website for a client or your own business, Mobirise Free Website Builder has you covered. If you've ever found yourself wanting to put a website together, stop reading and go download Mobirise. Making a professional-looking website has never been easier.


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