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iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Cannot Get Mail – The Connection to the Server Failed

By FonePaw | Dec 07 , 2017

Some iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users complain that the mail app display error message like "Cannot Get Mail The connection to the server failed" when they try to retrieve new mails, especially from Microsoft Exchange.


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This happens to almost all iOS devices running on iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7 and iOS 6, which means that iPhone 8, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s and a majority of iPads are all included.


Fix iPhone Mail Connection to Server Failed Error

The following are several different methods that should help you fix Connection to the Server Failed problem on iPhone or iPad. Please continue to read.

Note: To avoid any data on your iPhone being lost, to back up all things is a must.


Solution 1: Reenter Password
Solution 2: Move Email to Different Inbox Folder
Solution 3: Change the Account Password
Solution 4: Change Microsoft Exchange Security Settings
Other Possible Solutions


Solution 1: Reenter Password

Sometimes this problem happened on your iPhone or iPad after you changed your mail password on your computer or laptop. Therefore, you may need to log out and then log in your mail to ensure that it can work well as usual.

STEP 1. In your iOS device, go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords.

STEP 2. Choose the mail account and click Delete Account.

STEP 3. Then, back to the Account & Passwords screen and add your account back.


Delete Mail Accounts


Solution 2: Move Email to Different Inbox Folder

If possible, just try to select all the mails from the inbox that fail to open and move them to a temporary folder (or different folder) created on the server by right-clicking on the items and choose "Move to" option. Then you should go to the folder and check if they are available to access. If it doesn't work or even impossible to execute this step, it's alright and you can continue to read the other solutions.


Move Mails to New Mailbox

Solution 3: Change the Account Password

If the connection to the server still fails after you try the above methods out, you may probably consider changing your Mail account password. Mail service providers may have trouble in updating your mail information and building valid a connection. To change the password of your account, please go to the official web of mail services like Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange,  Yahoo, iCloud for further help.


Mail Services

Solution 4: Change Microsoft Exchange Security Settings

  • Open Active Directory Users and computer. Then select View > Advanced Features on the top menu.
  • Find and right click the mail account to choose Properties. Then, select Security tab and choose Advanced.
  • Tick the checkbox "Include inheritable permissions from this object's parent".


Change Microsoft Exchange Security Settings


Other Possible Solutions

  • Change the Mail Days to Sync field to No Limit.
  • Reset Network settings via Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  • Disable iCloud. Navigate back to mail account and reset the password.
  • Delete the account and create it as a new account.


iPhone Mail App

If the "Cannot Get Mail – The Connection to the Server Failed" error cannot be fixed though you have tried all of the solutions above, please drop us a comment in the below area to let us know!


  • Hds Sergiu

    FUCK APPLE , they suck. They were good till steve jobs died. Not they are a piece of crap with overpriced products. Next phone will definitely not be an iphone. fucking crap. Can’t find a solution to this, tried everything except throwing the phone out the window.

    • Sorry that it doesn’t work out. Check if there are other methods that you haven’t tried

      • Firas Alwan

        I have had the same problem with Iphonex (Iphone 10). I have done every single soultion but it didnt work. the only think worked for me was to go to the exchange and go to the user mailbox then go to Manage Mobile t, then delete the phone from the list and try to re add it the account to the phone.

    • John Chud

      just did that, new ibone 7 wont sync, yet ipad will as does the android, its a problem with certificates, apples new ios wont accept them.

    • Firas Alwan

      I have had the same problem with Iphonex (Iphone 10). I have done every single soultion but it didnt work. the only think worked for me was to go to the exchange and go to the user mailbox then go to Manage Mobile t, then delete the phone from the list and try to re add it the account to the phone. Good Luck

    • Some iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users complain that the mail app display error message like “Cannot Get Mail The connection to the server failed” when they try to retrieve new mails, especially from Microsoft Exchange.

  • DFWM2

    I’ve had the same problem the last two days. What worked for me was to completely turn off the phone, let it sit a minute, then turn it back on. Poof! All new email was in the inbox.

  • Danny DeSantis

    So, I had the same problem setting up a new ip8.
    Turns out I had reached the maximum number of mobile devices synchronised with exchange server – which is 10 (server had stored all previous phones and tables used)
    Once I deleted all the old devices from the server it worked straight away.

    • Thank you so much for sharing!

      • How did you do that Danny? I think I have the same issue.

    • Shelly Benedict

      I have the same phone and no one has been added today… any other thoughts?

  • how can i change advaced setting as per your given guide.

  • Andrew Walton

    Is there any problems with yahoo mail I’m gettin an error message on my phone with yahoo when I want to open my messages? Tried all the other things just says failed to connect to the server? Any ideas

    • samantha

      Having a similar problem with yahoo via the mail app. Keeps asking for my password, accepts the password, but then still fails to download mail. Same problem on iPad.

      • Chelo Harrison de Arballo

        I’m in the same boat and haven’t changed anything in my yahoo accounts recently. Way to go iPhone/Apple. Fix this :/

        • Steve

          I’m having the same problem as well. Error says “updated at 11:21, account error”. I click details and it says “cannot get mail. The connection to the server failed”. I thought it had something to do with the earthquake we’ve just had in Cheltenham, yes Cheltenham! I’ve turned it off and back on again. I can get in to my yahopo account on both my PC and laptop so it’s probably an Apple problem. I’m just going to leave it for a while and then if it doesn’t sort it self out I’ll delete my yahoo account from my phone and try and add it back.

          • Oaklandbrains

            Same problem. I deleted my yahoo account from my iPhone like suggested but it won’t let me add it back in. I put in my password, it flashes momentarily like it’s about to add and goes back to the add screen not having installed the account. I can access email directly through the yahoo site, so I’ll wait until apple resolves this.

          • Marcy

            Me too!!

          • Alexandra Fntn

            Me three!!!

          • Mallory

            Same thing! I hope it’s resolved soon! Makes me realize how much I love having my email at the tips of my fingers!

    • Janice Hoff

      Just happened to me too. Email downloaded at 7:25 am but won’t download now. I haven’t changed anything in the past 2 hours.

    • Christie Centanni

      Got the same message, tried changing the password now it accepts the login info but just keeps going back around to the different login options. Anyone know what’s going on?

    • Sue Kinsey

      Same on iPad and iPhone. No yahoo email since 4:30 am, won’t accept password says fails to connect to server. Can sign into yahoo email on my husband’s PC using password my iPhone/iPad won’t accept.

    • VPG001

      It’s strange that everyone’s experiencing the same problem today… I think something’s wrong with yahoo!

    • Calum Jackson

      Yahoo sends a confirmation email after I signed in, so it is registering the logon

      • Suzanne

        I got this too.

    • Barb Bayne

      Our iPads shut down last night for yahoo email. Keeps saying “connection to server failed” from what I’m seeing on this post, could it possibly be Yahoo not our equipment? Changed all our passwords too, to no avail.

      • Christine Cornwall

        I did the same.

    • Stephanie Humphries

      I am having the same exact issue. I can access mail through the yahoo app though. I’ve tried all of the above and doesn’t seem to fix the problem.

    • Marcy

      Same thing here! I can get mail via the Yahoo app. but not via iPhone mail. Must b an Apple error.

    • Suzanne

      I can get to yahoo mail fine through safari, but not the mail apps on my iPhone or iPad. I tried the steps above. Deleted, tried adding account. Didn’t work. Changed password logged in through safari, tried account again didn’t work. Same thing on both iPhone and iPad. I gave up and just downloaded the yahoo app. It is okay, but I really don’t like the ads, and I’m not willing to “upgrade” and pay for the app. I really don’t get what happened between last night and this morning…

    • Marcy

      It’s back up and working!!!

    • Sarah Linda

      Try to inbox hackersusan78 for help

    • Sarah Linda

      Inbox [email protected] Com for more information

  • Maricela

    I just woke up and tried to check my emails and i’m having the same problem.

  • Barb Bayne

    I did an upgrade on my IPad Thurs night (2/15/2018). Just wondering if that could have done something? Upgrade to 11.2.5. But, also affecting hubby’s Ipad. He didn’t do an upgrade.

  • GINA


  • Cheryl Adams

    Same error message here on iphone – last email update was at about 3am (pacific time). No problem accessing my email on the PC or my Samsung tablet.

  • Karen Karling Fouty

    I turned my phone off and on, downloaded the upgrade and even tried deleting Yahoo and adding it back. Except now I can’t add it back!

    • Elizabeth Kelner

      Same here, deleted yahoo account and now cannot add back!

      • Mitch

        i just deleted and tried to add several times and it won’t accept any changes. mine went done around 6:30 EST this morning.

  • Justine Badami

    Glad to see everybody is having this problem. Was thinking it’s just me. Hope this gets fixed soon!! I tried to re enter the password like they said and still wouldn’t work. Now I get the connection failed message. So frustrating!

  • Wendy VL

    Mine has been up and down all night. Reset everything and now it won’t even load yahoo on my phone

  • Sandy Castle

    i have the same issue. Started at 7:32am and is effecting all of my yahoo accounts – 5 – and this issue is from my iPhone and my husband has the same issue, started today, from his iPad. sounds like an issue with Yahoo. I’m able to successfully access mail from hotmail and a company email account from my iPhone.

  • Felicity Bebron

    This is happening on yahoo both on my apple and android so maybe not apple but yahoo

  • Karen Maris

    I have this problem frequently. I switch to the Yahoo mail app when it
    happens and it works. Therefore I believe the problem is with Apple, not Yahoo. If you don’t have the Yahoo app, download it from the App Store and get your email using it.

  • Hyacinthos Christou

    I am having the same problem on my iPhone. Although all my other email accounts work fine, yahoo keeps being disconnected under error message. My yahoo account, if I go on Safari and log in the traditional way, works ok, so I am wondering if Apple is acting any adjustments, which in any case WE should have been notified in advance about.

    • Carla Annibale

      I’ve tried Safari too. Nothing is working

    • Sarah Linda

      Inbox [email protected] Com for help

  • Carol Ingle Whiteman

    I have the same issue, i deleted the email account and tried to reinstall and it still isn’t working. Sound like is a yahoo server issue.

  • marie225

    thank god i’m not alone here I’ve been playing around with my yahoo email for hours on my iPhone and can see now that others are also having issues. I cannot receive emails with yahoo account on my iPhone, but it works ok on the computer. on my iPhone it just comes up fails to connect to the server. my other email accounts work on the iPhone so what’s up YAHOO? or is it APPLE?

  • BVR

    I have the same problem and am guessing it may be caused by Yahoo as they have been sending me emails for a few months saying that I need to update to their app. I just set up the Yahoo app on my iPhone and am able to access their email. Don’t like this but it may be the only way to continue to access my 2 Yahoo mail accounts.

  • vasi

    yahoo is gone ..we go back on pen and paper..:))

  • Vaso Christoforides

    iPhone email not working.. deleted the account to try to resolve this issue but Yahoo does not give me the option to continue. Mail works fine on the pc it is only iphones.. it could also be an Apple issue – wait and see whether server issue is resolved or not!

  • Hope Sterling

    I had trouble with ALL my Apple devices….powered down, walked away and restarted 10 minutes later…all fine now

    • Cheryl Adams

      Tried that just now and its working!

    • Sarah Linda

      Inbox [email protected] Com for help

  • Carla Annibale

    Yay. It’s working !!!!

  • Vaso Christoforides

    Its fixed

    • Vaso Christoforides

      Whatever it was it is working now, all my emails have been restored and it is updating 🙂

  • Marcy

    It’s working now!!

  • Alex Samuel

    Re “Cannot Get Mail – The Connection to the Server Failed”, I went through multiple websites, including this one and and wanted to blow my brains out when I saw the complex and potentially dangerous solutions, probably all written by 20 something techno geniuses. I did what no one suggested and what was first thing we did 35+ years ago. Turned phone off and turned it back on. Seems that is still works.

  • today i am getting some issue with opening yahoo mail on my phone. is there any serious issue?

  • Cerys

    I deleted my account like it said on the first one but now it wont let my add the account back. Does anyone know what to do to help it.

    • Hi,

      Restart the phone and try to add an account back again.

  • Susan Hawksworth
  • jack maxwell

    I read your blog and like it very much. Thanks for sharing.
    How to Add Email Accounts to iPhone’s Mail App

  • Sarah Linda

    I will advice you all to contact [email protected] for more information

  • Micheal smith


  • Rachel Craig

    So I got locked out of my Apple ID, which is kinda sucky and important, but what sucks even more is that the mail app also isn’t connecting to the server and therefore is not receiving the email to rest my Apple ID password. I’m probably going to have to go to Apple support about this, because I have tried some many things to rest this and honestly I am lost. So right now, I’m getting constant verification popups, I cannot download anything, and I cannot seem to fix this cluster of a problem. Can I get a rip in the chat?

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