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9 Advantages of Having An iPhone

By FonePaw | Oct 08 , 2019

Ever since the inception of Androids, almost everyone who can afford to buy one has it in their hands. However, if you ask about buying a new phone, most people would suggest you go for an iPhone. There are many benefits of having an iPhone instead of having an Android. When Apple introduced iPhone, the world started swooning over a phone which proved itself as a classy option and one which changed the dynamics of networking worldwide. With much advancement in technology, Apple introduces a new model every year which unfolds many exciting features. Some of the benefits of having an iPhone are:


iOS 13


1. iPhone is user-friendly

This is the first most concrete benefit of having an iPhone. Even though companies are trying hard to produce the best phones to date, yet iPhone carves a good reputation for itself by being the most user-friendly phone till this date. The interesting thing about the iPhone is the look and texture of iOS hasn't changed even today. It is exactly the way it was launched in 2008. The only thing you need to do it to pick up the phone and touch the app icon. iPhone is also easy to learn and navigate.


2. Better integration of hardware and software

This is a very important thing which people have in their minds when they're purchasing a new phone. It is crucial for a phone to have the correct integration of hardware and software. You will be intrigued to know iPhone 7 has a touch display that can detect the pressure which is being put on it. So this means they're a lot more than Apple has to unfold for us in terms of the interesting features in the iPhone. Another important benefit of using an iPhone is its sensitivity level adjustment.


iPhone XR vs iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max


3. No bloatware

Most people choose a phone which has enough space for all the apps and other stuff. A lot of Android users look for phones which do not have bloatware issues. Many manufacturers provide mobile phones which have a lot of bloatware on the phone. However, you won't have issues with an iPhone since it doesn't have any bloatware loaded in it already. Though Apple has included many apps that are not needed, still you can upload a lot of unwanted stuff. So if you want to install a tracking app on iPhone to know about your kid's whereabouts, you can install without any hesitation. Just google how to track an iPhone to know the correct way of doing it.


4. iPhone is faster than Android phones

There's no escape from the fact, iPhones are faster than Android phones. Media continues to compare the iPhone with Samsung phones, but iPhone always reserves the top spot for itself. If you use iPhone you will see how smooth it is. The intriguing part about iPhone is it starts opening background apps as soon as you start browsing it. Call quality is top-notch when it comes to using iPhone, and its personalized FaceTime feature allows for high-quality video conferencing.



5. Has the best apps

No one can deny the fact, iPhone has the best apps by far. Keep in mind both iOS and Androids have millions of top-notch apps in their stores. So if you want to download an app which navigates video call, you can easily do it with an iPhone. The intriguing part is all apps available in the iPhone store are verified and completely safe to use. If you try to download an app from a conventional Android, your phone might get in trouble if a virus infects the mobile phone after the app is downloaded.


App Store In-App Purchases


6. Works smoothly with Macs

If you haven't worked with macs before you must do it with an iPhone in hand. Macs work perfectly with iPhones which is why many people drool over this amazing combination. If you aren't aware you must know, the continuity feature in macOS allows you to send and receive messages over MacBook along with calls. The only thing you need to do is to keep your iPhone near the MacBook. One iPhone and MacBook connect, you will see the magic of how well both of them work.


7. Family Sharing

This is an intriguing feature of Apple which differentiates it from conventional Android phones. The Apple family plays together and allows mum and dad to share a picture with their kids from iBooks, App Store and iTunes easily. The family sharing feature allows for six people to make purchases from the iTunes, App Store, etc. However, that doesn't take away your personal iTunes account from you. Furthermore, you can choose a 200G cloud storage plan for your entire family at a low cost.


8. Apple Pay

Apply Pay has plenty of rivals but still manages to carve a good reputation for itself amongst the Apple users. Apple Pay is a popular method to make payments through mobile phone. You will be surprised to know, but it is dead simple to use. The only thing you need to do is to bring your iPhone close to the payment terminal and press your finger on the Touch ID. Once it approves of your fingerprint, you will be able to navigate payments online.


Apple Pay Supports P2P


9. Best help and support

Usually, when people have an issue with their phone, they call help and support or try to find a solution online. However, with an iPhone in hand, all you need to do is to tap into the massive database of iPhone which is flooded with informative articles, each of which helps the users in whatever problem they have. Apple also provides live help via chat with their customer service.


There are many other benefits of using an iPhone. The ones mentioned above are just some of the concrete benefits you must know. It is no wonder, people who are accustomed to using the iPhone have a very difficult time when they have to choose a different phone other than the iPhone. Its speed, design and classy look make it a trailblazer in its way.


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