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iPhone 7 Might Be Waterproof and Dust-proof Features

By FonePaw | Sep 29 , 2015

As the rumor from Far East on Sunday claims that Apple is well into the prototyping phase of its next-generation handset, with current test models incorporating a waterproof design that could be applied to a non-metal frame.

Rumor of iPhone 7


Citing a post from Chinese microblogging site Weibo, Mac Otakara reports prototype "iPhone 7" units are being produced with waterproof and dust-proof features, suggesting Apple is investigating a more "ruggedized" handset.


While specifics go unmentioned, Apple could be exploring methods of transplanting technology from Apple Watch, a device specifically designed to accommodate active lifestyles. For example, iPhone 7 might sport an encapsulated system-on-chip processor and water-tight gaskets. More exotic solutions include applying hydrophobic coatings to sensitive electrical components via a vapor deposition process, or integrating silicone seals at water ingress points, according to patent filings.


The Weibo post also claims that iPhone 7 will be back to all-aluminum chassis, a design first introduced in 2012 with iPhone 5.


We all remembered that the "Bend" issue form Apple when iPhone 6 and Plus released. Some of users even complained that their new smartphones were easily bent under normal use, prompting Apple to shift to more durable 7000 series aluminum in the latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, a rare mid-cycle material change. So iPhone 7 will go with all-aluminum chassis may be satisfied with the most of users who worry about iphone being bent easily.


As far as we are concerned, the iPhone 6s/6s Plus were reaching markets recently, more deserve features pop up when generation by generation. iPhone 5s can be smoothly, iPhone 6 can be bigger, iPhone 7 might be waterproof, why not look forward to the new product or the powerful functions in future from Apple. What you need to prepare is just putting the money ready!


Source: appleinsider

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