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September 2018

Taskbar on Windows 10
“I cannot find my taskbar when I start up my computer, how to solve that?” “After I finished the Windows 10 upgrade, the taskbar just disappears in the desktop. Where can I find Read More >
Uncheck Auto Hide the Taskbar on Windows 10
Taskbar can be quite convenient for us to launch applications whenever we need. But sometimes we may want to hide it for full-screen play or just for larger screen space. Whether to keep the taskb Read More >
MSN Weather
With smartphones, when we want to check the weather for tomorrow, we don’t have to wait for the weather broadcast in front of radio or television, nor do we have to call the observatory to a Read More >
There is always something in your cell phone that you don’t want to be seen by others. It could be a photo that you don’t want it to be a gossip. It could also be a dating app that you Read More >
FonePaw DoTrans Homepage
How to quickly transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, from iPhone to PC has been a problem for iOS users. To solve the problem, we have FonePaw iOS Transfer, which is a great alternative to iTunes t Read More >
Restrictions to Hide Apps
You may hear your friend who is using an Android phone says that there are some wonderful app hiders can help hide apps on the phone; thus you would be thinking if there is any iPhone app to hide Read More >
Create Hidden Folders on Android
Perhaps you once searched “how to hide photos on cellphone” on Google. I fully understand that sometimes we all have some private photos or pictures that we don’t wish to be disc Read More >
Enable Dark Mode on Windows 10
In this April’s update, Windows 10 added the new Dark Mode setting, while some desktop applications are not affected by that mode. File Explorer, for example, still remains the normal light Read More >