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How to Trim Video with VLC Media Player

By FonePaw | Apr 25 , 2019

As a powerful video player, VLC Media Player can not only play video in different formats but also make simple video editing. This article will show you how to use VLC to trim a video.


If you need to do more video editing than merely trimming a video, you can use PawEditor, a complete and beginner-friendly video editor.


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Cut Video in VLC Media Player

First of all, you need to have VLC Media Player installed on your computer. If you don't have VLC right now, you may download it from its official website. VLC can work with Windows, Mac computer.


Step 1 Open VLC Media Player. Click Media > Open File to load the video you want to cut with VLC.


Open File in VLC


Step 2 In the upper toolbar, click View > Advanced Controls.


Advanced Controls in VLC


Step 3 Once the advanced control is activated, you will see four additional buttons over the playback/pause button.


Step 4 Here we need to use the first button - the red Record button. In fact, VLC doesn't trim video in a true sense, but it can record a clip from a video, which can be a workaround to cut a video.


Trim Video in VLC


Step 5 Drag the slider in the VLC player to where you want to cut the video. Press the Play and Record buttons simultaneously to begin to trim the video. There is a blue shadow around the record button, which indicate that VLC is recording a clip from the video.


Tip: To locate the point to clip the video precisely, you can click the Frame by frame button to locate a precise frame in the video.


Step 6 When the video is played to the place where you want to end, press the Recording button again. The recorded video clip will be saved automatically. You can access the trimmed video by VLC from the video folder of your computer.


VLC Record


If you can't find the trimmed video in VLC, click View > Playlist to reveal your playlist. Then click My Video to find the recorded clip from the video.


As you can see, VLC cannot actually trim a video. You can only use its Record feature to record a clip from the video. If you need to cut out the middle of a video and keep the beginning and the end, you need to a professional video editor like PawEditor.


Cut Video with PawEditor

PawEditor is a video editor that enables you to clip, cut, crop videos. Besides editing video clips, it also has filters, animation, transition you can add to the videos to create videos like a pro.

Windows Version Download


1. Import a video
First, you need to install PawEditor. When opening the editor for the first time, you need to create a new project to enter its homepage.


In the Library tab, you will see "Double clicks to import media files" on the interface. Double click the video file you want to cut.


PawEditor Homepage


2. Trim the video you selected

Drag the video into the timeline, you can then begin to trim the video in the Timeline. Move the cursor to the position you want to cut, click an icon of the scissors to clip a video.


Clip A Video


Then select the part you want to trim off, right-click Delete Edit to cut it out. Repeat the Clip and Delete action until you get the part you like from the video


Trim Off Video


3. Export the video after trimming
Click the export button and select a location to save the trimmed videos.


Now you can trim and edit your video according to your own needs!

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4 year before

There is no 'advanced controls' option anywhere. This seems much too complicated for what I need. Just to trim a few seconds of a video.

chiko gomez
chiko gomez
4 year before

Doesn't work.

3 year before

VLC is one of the best video cutter and Media player for listing any video and audio file.
A lot of thanks for sharing Steps to step Cut Video portions using VLC Media Player. It will help us to cut video or trim or crop video easily. keep going on.

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