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FonePaw Photo Compressor: Compress PNG, JPG up to 90%

By FonePaw | Feb 20 , 2019

You usually need to compress photos to 100KB, 50KB or even 20KB for a web page, email, social media platform, and an online photo compressor is the easiest way to get an image compressed. Therefore, here we introduce FonePaw Photo Compressor, an online JPG/PNG compressor to reduce image file size for free.


While compressing a JPG or PNG image to as small as possible (usually by 40% to 92%), FonePaw Photo Compressor keeps the image quality so that even if you compress an image by 80%, there is no significant quality loss in the compressed image.


FonePaw Photo Compressor


The compressor is totally free to use and it supports compressing up to 25 images at a time.


Moreover, the photo compressor offers end-to-end encryption for your uploaded photos. So it is perfectly safe for your private and confidential photos.


Here is a demonstration of how to compress a JPG file by 70% without losing quality with FonePaw Photo Compressor online.


Step 1 Open the online JPG/PNG compressor with a browser on your computer or mobile phone.


Add Image to Photo Compressor


Step 2 Select Add Image and select one or more images from your computer or phone. Up to 25 photos can be added for one time.

Step 3 Once the photos are added, they are compressed immediately.


Compressing Photo on FonePaw


Step 4 When you see the green bar showing "Compressed". Click the Download button beside each photo to download the compressed version. Or click Download All to get all compressed photos to download back to your computer or mobile phone all at once.


Download Compressed Photo


The following is one of the photos that I have compressed with FonePaw Photo Compressor. We can see that the file size of the photo has been reduced by 70%, while the compressed version looks like the same as the original version. It can, truly, shrink the image file size while maintaining the original quality.


Photo Compressed Comparison


FonePaw Photo Compressor is very effective in reducing the file size of PNG and JPG photos. Moreover, the compression can be completed in several seconds. There is no limit on the number and size of the photos you can compress. It is totally free. Why not give it a try?

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