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How to Fix YouTube Buffering Problems

By Admin | Mar 17 , 2016

It is a living nightmare: you're watching a YouTube video, but it is compounded by the stop-start effect. Generally, the sluggish loading or buffering you may get when watching videos on YouTube can be partly put down to YouTube's end, such as servers go down. But at most of time, it is slow Internet connection that caused the YouTube buffering problem.


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Luckily, there are things that you can try in order to speed up your YouTube videos and make it play more smoothly on your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6.


How to Fix YouTube Keeps Buffering Problem and Speed Up YouTube Video


Solution 1. Plug into an Ethernet Connection

Usually, a hard-wired connection is faster and more reliable than a wireless connection. So if you are using Wi-Fi, try to plug your computer into Ethernet to get the best possible connection. YouTube videos may play better now.


Ethernet Connection


Solution 2. Sit Closer to the Router

If you are using a mobile device and cannot connect it to internet with a hard wire, you can sit closer to the router. The closer to the router, the stronger your internet connection gets.


Solution 3. Restart Router and Computer

Restarting a router is good to do because it clears out any leftover internet crud that's been building up and then gives you faster internet speed. So simply shut the router off and unplug it from its power source for at least 30 seconds. Then plug it back in and turn it on. It's recommended that you restart your computer or mobile device too. Then, you should be greeted with a fresh internet connection where you don't have to deal with buffering videos on YouTube any more.


Restart Router


Solution 4. Update your Web Browser and Adobe Flash
Sometimes updating your web browser, eg. Google Chrome, and Adobe flash can fix the issue that YouTube videos buffering.


Update Chrome


Solution 5. Reduce Video Quality

You can choose the resolution of the video you are playing, from 144p, 240p, 360p, 576p, 720p HD to 1080p HD. Depending on your connection speed, you can choose to play the video with lower resolution, as otherwise you may have a terrible playback experience!


Solution 6. Download YouTube Video for Watching

You can also download YouTube videos to your computer, so you can watch it without loading or buffering.


At the end, one truth remains: your YouTube buffering speed is most related to your actual internet speed. If you have a lousy Basic Package from your ISP and your download rate is limited to snail speeds, just upgrade your internet plan. After All, buffering isn't just a problem for YouTube; services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO all have the problem.