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5 Tips to Increase Agent Efficiency in Call Center

By FonePaw | Mar 26 , 2020

The success of a call center depends a lot on how productive its agents are. If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your agents, then there are several things that you need to keep in mind. From training them the right way to providing them with the right kinds of resources like a ringcentral predictive dialer, you will have to take several measures. Improving productivity at the office will not be an easy task for the manger. But once it is achieved, the results will be worth it. In this article, we've mentioned a few tips that will help your call center agents improve their efficiency.


Provide Your Agents Some Autonomy

Working in a call center is one of the most tedious jobs in the world. If you ask any call center agent who has been working on the post for quite a while now, they will tell you how exhausting it is. Most of the call centers provide their agents with a set of instructions they have to follow during the call. They have all the potential questions a caller could ask on a script, and they have to follow it strictly during the calls. While this does make the answers consistent, it can be too much for the agents. It also stops the agents from helping customers. So it is recommended that you grant some leniency to agents as it will enhance their productivity and provide agents with a sense of satisfaction as well.


Use a Predictive Dialer

Using a predictive dialer is also a great way of speeding up things at the call center while enhancing the quality of the work at the same time. A predictive dialer is a software that works on an algorithm that helps you improve an agent's productivity with the help of technology. The best part is that a predictive dialer does not require any heavy machinery, and it works on a cloud-based solution. It considers all things, including the number of calls an agent received, calls dispositions, and the length of time for which the agent was on the call. It directs the calls keeping all these metrics in mind enhancing productivity significantly. This makes sure that no agent is overburdened, and everyone is getting a decent amount of work.


Predictive Dialer


Continuous Training

Training plays an essential role in improving the productivity of your agents. Having regular training sessions for your agents makes sure that every one of them is getting the appropriate amount of training. If you have announced a new service or product that you will be selling through the calls, then instead of just handing over the staff with scripts or pamphlets, you should conduct a proper training session. Provide them all the details related to the product in that session and what angle they need to take to sell it. This will not only enhance productivity, but it will eliminate a lot of errors as well.


Breaks Are Important

Being a call center agent is not easy. You are managing stress all the time as you have to deal with customers, meet deadlines, and achieve targets. When all these things pile up, they can take a real toll on the mental state of the individual. This can result in decreased productivity and poor performance. But there is a simple solution to avoid this. All you have to do is give regular breaks to your employees so they can relax for a while. This will also provide them with a sense of control, and they will start managing themselves better.


Call Center


Measure Performance and Encourage

Another good habit to get into is to measure employee performance based on the KPI. In this modern world, you have the technology available at your disposal that can help you measure the statistical performance of each individual. You can get insights like time spent on calls, speech analytics, and response time. This will not only tell you which agents need more coaching, but it will also tell you in which department they need to focus on. This part is essential because employee dissatisfaction directly leads to customer dissatisfaction.


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