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FonePaw Latest News: Android Data Backup & Restore is Supported Now

By FonePaw | Sep 14 , 2017

We may hear of lots of news about new smartphones every day and there are many people to change their devices to get the latest ones. No matter whether you have the newest devices or the old-style phones, backup is a must for you to protect the data. Thus, FonePaw unveils a new function in Android Data Recovery so that you could do a backup for your Android phone and restore files from the backup now.

About Version

Now, I will show you what's new with this new version (2.3.0) of FonePaw product.

New Feature Released: Android Data Backup & Restore Tool

The biggest change is to add a new function to save and restore data on your Samsung, LG, Sony, Google Nexus/Pixel, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, etc. Besides, it supports to encrypt your backup with setting a password so that what you save can not be accessed by others.

Backup & Restore Function


On the other hand, there is a new interface of this program in order to optimize the user's experience. Compared with the previous version, you must find that the screen of Broken Android Data Extraction has been changed.

New Interface


Guide to Back Up Android

  1. Enter "Android Data Backup & Restore" homepage.
  2. Tick "One-click Backup" or "Device Data Backup".
  3. Choose data type to back up and you're able to set a password to encrypt backups with ticking the box in front of "Encrypted Backup".
  4. Wait for several minutes until it backs up successfully.

Backup Process


Guide to Restore from Backups

  1. Click "One-click Restore" or "Device Data Restore" to check the backup list.
  2. Select a backup file from the list. If it is locked, please give the corresponding password to unlock it.
  3. Preview the files and choose to restore.

Restore Process


Compared with lots of backup software in the market, the highlight of FonePaw is its safety and the smaller size of the backup which will not take up too much space on your PC.

If you have any suggestion about our software updates, please leave your comment below.

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