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How to Delete Facebook Search History from Android

By FonePaw | Jan 30 , 2018

Why Delete Facebook Search History from Android?


Like some search engines, Google and Yahoo, for example, Facebook is able to record your search histories. The app gathers as much information about you as possible and sells it to advertisers. Because of this, it can offer suggestions according to your searches and interests. However, this can cause info leak. Besides, you may want to remove irrelevant or unwanted search items. But the thing is that you cannot clear your search history by deleting the cookies from your Android because Facebook comes with a special button to clear search history. Below are steps on it:

Delete Facebook Search History from Android

Step 1. Launch Facebook on Android
Power on your Android phone. Here we will take Samsung Galaxy S7 as an example. Then select the Menu button and go to the Menu screen. After that, locate and launch Facebook application on your Android phone by touching the icon of the application.

Android Desktop Facebook


Step 2. Sign into Facebook
Turn on mobile data or connect your Android phone to a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby. Then enter your Facebook account and the password. Then touch the "Log In" button. After you sign into Facebook, go to News Feed page. Then select the search icon (magnifying glass icon).

Android Facebook Sign in


Step 3. Delete Facebook Search History from Android
You are in the RECENTLY SEARCHED page now. Your search history will be listed. Select the "EDIT" button. On the Activity log window, you can see your activity log. Then choose search history you want to clear and tap the delete button.

Android Facebook Delete Search History


Besides removing search history, there are still other solutions to protect your privacy and personal info. For example, you can turn off Facebook Messenger's location tracking.


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