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How to make TikTok safer for your child

By FonePaw | Dec 22 , 2022

TikTok Safe

TikTok has become a daily routine for many people. Some consume content, while others treat TikTok as a creative outlet. There are even professional third-party services that offer TikTok auto likes for those who want to become overnight sensations, not to mention commercial advertisements. TikTok is the new normal for a lot of people, but it doesn't mean that the platform is completely safe.


Many kinds and teenagers can't imagine a day without TikTok - they can spend hours browsing it daily. Of course, it's a reason for concern for their parents. TikTok develops new safety measures for the youngest audience, but you can't 100% rely on them. You want to protect your child, at least with basic possibilities. So, let's find out how to set up TikTok to prevent your kid from inappropriate content and cyberbullying.


Enter the child's actual age


TikTok can be used starting from 13 yo (14 in South Korea and Indonesia). This restriction is easily avoidable by entering a false age.


However, entering actual age, your child won't be able to change it easily. To do so, your kid will have to contact support and send an ID photo. Thus, make sure the first registration is done with you to ensure the entered age is correct. It unlocks all the safety measures from TikTok that protect minors.


Complete your kid's profile


Everyone on the web can see your kid's profile photo and name. Make sure your kid doesn't enter their full name, phone number, home address, or email.


Perpetrators can use this information to create fake social media accounts with your kid's data. Alternatively, they might spam their email with dangerous phishing links. In the worst case, personal data might help online perverts to make physical contact with your child.


Set up privacy

TikTok Safe App

Recently, TikTok has changed some safety options for minors. Now, children can't change plenty of settings on their own. Nevertheless, you should check the rest of the settings manually with your kid.


For example, decide who is allowed to leave comments under your kid's videos: only friends or none.


By default, users can't download videos that are posted by minors. However, guys above 16yo can change this setting.


Limit the time your kid spends on TikTok


It can be done in any smartphone's settings.


For an iPhone - go to Settings, then Screen Time. In the list of apps, find TikTok and press Set Limits to outline how much time your child can spend using TikTok. You can set different limits for each individual day.


For an Android - go to Settings, then Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls. Next, you need to select the Dashboard setting that allows you to set time limits on any app on your phone.


Use Family Pairing


Time limits can also be set using the built-in Family Pairing setting. However, you will have to get a TikTok account for yourself as well. If you don't mind doing it, you will be able to limit the pool of videos and music and make your child consume only content approved by you. Besides, you can hide from others the videos your kid liked.


Don't overdo with limits


Children (especially teenagers) tend to perceive limitations differently than we want them to. It might even create an idea that TikTok is something very desirable since you limit it. Besides, it's almost impossible to force teenagers not to use some popular apps. Don't force but explain the possible dark side of TikTok and how to prevent it. Explain to them things like cyber grooming and that you just want to prevent it, not limit your child anyhow. Your goal is to help your child make decisions using their head instead of relying on emotions.

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