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App Marketing Strategy: How to Increase the Visibility of Your App in the App Store

By FonePaw | Jul 02 , 2021


iPhone App Store


Apps have become essential tools in our everyday life. We use them to socialize, have fun, do sport, and work, to name a few. App Store and Google Store list millions of applications. Yes, there are so many app businesses.


That is why if you are developing your app, you should think about how you would stand out from the crowd. For example, one may have exceptional value or a unique offer. However, without digital app marketing and its techniques, your product may stay forever in the store, just collecting digital dust.


Read on to know how to advertise an app so that it was visible to potential customers or users.


How to Market Your App: Different Methods Under One Goal


Ux Desgin


The right marketing plan for application products contemplates some advertising, content posting, search optimization, and communication with users, and publishing on alternative app store. Each of these methods can contribute to the App's distribution. For instance, creating a blog may be a good idea to promote mobile app products or services. Yet, it can be inapplicable for a game, as such kink of an app may be challenging to write a blog about.


Everything depends on the product you design, the scale, and its functions. Thus, increasing the App's visibility is about using a bunch of promotion techniques to raise awareness and ensure that people visit your app page.


Of course, first, you should make sure that your product is good. Then, develop a message that would show its value and say that it is unique. When you have these things featured, you should start thinking of users, app stores, and channels. Why? Users provide traffic, app stores place your products, while media become bridges allowing you to profit.


Therefore, some of your marketing actions should reflect customers' needs; other ones should consider the peculiarities of app stores and social channels.


Ways to Promote Mobile App Ranking in Store


Before all, making the App visible for the app store's mechanisms is as essential as advertising your idea across platforms. The visibility of your product depends on the app store optimization (ASO). Simply put, it is about getting organic results by complying with app store rules. In this regard, you may need to do the following:


Use keywords so people could see you


ASO has concepts similar to SEO at its core. The keywords are crucial for getting the higher ranks. Both stores, Apple and Google, pay attention to the particular elements. If the first offers the specific field for them, the second one provides indexation based on title and description. Thus, it would help if you analyzed the keywords in your niche of the market. In particular, identify the inquiries of the target audience and watch your competitors' actions.


Organize your title, subtitle, and description


They refer not only to the look of your app within the store. Why? They are vital for using keywords as well. The clearer and more relevant the title and description are, the better chances to rank higher. In the description field, make sure to mention critical features together with the trendy keywords.


Besides, there are limits on the characters for title and subtitles that you should keep in mind. Right, your goal is to offer the context and insights as well as insert keywords. The title should be within 30 characters range for the Apple store and within 50 characters for Google Play Store. Both of the platforms set your description to be no more than 4,000.


Make people click on your app


At the same time, both Apple and Google include such criteria as click-through rate. It means that you have to consider your App to look good in an app store so that people engage with it. In this regard, you can design an appealing icon as well as pictures or screenshots. Besides, you can use them for app marketing campaigns.


Reviews are a key


At the same time, another significant thing is the reviews. Yes, they are crucial for the visibility of the app. In this regard, try to make the users leave the reviews. You can reach them via emails, social media, or CTA inside the game app. Presenting something for exchange is an excellent way to ask for a positive review or feedback.


Attracting Users: How To Advertise An App


The visibility can be improved via digital app marketing that aims to reach audiences and generate traffic. App marketing campaigns can refer to outreach to authoritative journalists, social media promotion or ads, and SEO. Let's see how they work.


Outreach: Contacting Media With Authority


This method contemplates using the mix of PR and content marketing to raise awareness about your product. You should define the pool of writers or influencers that can share your App with their audience. Then, to contact them, get their emails from LinkedIn or domains.
In this regard, you can use a bulk email scraper like this one: After you get an email list with it, collect information on your app and design a pitch asking them to cover your product. The more experts you reach, the higher chance to attract more users.


PPC: Paying for advertising


The bunch of platforms offers a PPC model for the promotion of the offers. One can use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Ads. As you pay for a click of the potential user, this marketing plan for application advertising may be costly. Thus, it is better to combine it with social media promotion and target those who have already shown interest.


Social Media Promotion


For an app, you can use social media to spread the message. Before all, you will need to determine the strategy based on the goal. You may want them to visit your website or go straight to the store. Depending on it, you will need to determine the audience, create a good profile and develop a content plan. After you fill your account with the content and description, start promoting the App. Social media such as Instagram, even Tiktok, have their Ads options for it.


As a result, the success of an app marketing strategy can depend on many things. App store optimization is better to be your priority, then you can support it with other means, like outreach or social media support.


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