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How to Send Large Videos on Android Through Text or Email

By FonePaw | Sep 12 , 2019

Many Android phones allow users to send their videos attached to an SMS. However, sometimes if the video you'd like to share is too large, you may not be able to send it via SMS directly. It is the same case with sending large video via email on Android. So, how to send a long video on Android via text message or email? Here three approaches are provided.


1. Send large videos through text on Android

Although you cannot send an extremely large video via text message on Android to others, you can send them a video link instead. For that purpose, you might need the help of cloud storage services like Google Drive.


Step 1: Launch Google Drive on your Android.
Step 2: Log in Google Drive with your Google account.
Step 3: Tap the "+" icon and then choose Upload.


Google Drive Upload

Step 4: Select the videos to upload.
Step 5: Press the menu (three dots) below the video to display options.
Step 6: Tap on "Link-sharing off" to activate this sharing link.
Step 7: Press the menu (three dots) again and select Copy link.

Now you can paste the video link in the text message and send it to others. With this link, whoever receives your message can download the video you have uploaded as long as you don't delete it.<


2. Send large video files from Android to Email

Email can be used to transfer files as well. There are many different kinds of email apps allowing users to attach videos to an email, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. It's better to compress large videos before sending them via email considering the email attachment size limitation and internet speed. To compress large videos, you can use Video Compress. Video Compress is good at reducing your file size so that you can share them more easily with others. Here is how to use this app.


Step 1: Download Video Compress from the Google Play Store.
Step 2: Launch the app, search your videos in the shown folders.


Video Compress Homepage


Step 3: Select the video to compress.


Video Compress Select


Step 4: Tap Compress Video to reduce your video size.


Compress Video


After you compress your large videos on your Android, you can send them to others via any email service provider you prefer.


3. Send large videos from Android to computer/another phone

By using some third-party apps you can directly send large videos to another phone or your computer. As a data transfer application, FonePaw DoTrans supports not only videos but also photos, music, contacts, SMS transfer among Android, iOS, Windows. To send large videos on your Android, all you need to do is to download this software to your computer and follow the steps below.


Step 1: Download and launch FonePaw DoTrans.
Windows Version Download


Step 2: Connect your devices to computer via a USB cable. Wait for the app to detect your phones.


Home Connect Android


Step 3: Click Video on the left sidebar. In the right panel, you can see the videos on your Android.
Step 4: Tick the video that you want to send:


  • If you want to send it to another phone, click the Phone icon on the top region, and then click the device you want to send video to.

Video Export Device

  • If you want to send the video to your PC, right-click the video, and select Export to PC.


Video Export PC


Step 5: Wait for DoTrans to send your video from your Android.


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2 year before

Can you please put a link or tell the name of the video compress app to use. You had a link for the fonepaw dotrans, but didn't have one for the video compress. There's several and was just wondering which one you used. Thank you

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