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One Tap to Transform Your Face with FaceApp

By FonePaw | Feb 13 , 2017

FaceApp, photo beautification app that is able to transform your face, now is available as a free download for iOS, with an Android version coming soon.

Because the filters in FaceApp use AI to analyze the image, the results should recognize and match the look of your face in the photo. This isn't some simple copy-and-paste Photoshop job. That said, it's impossible to know things like what your smile actually looks like if you're not smiling in the original photo. Therefore, in practice, the output may be loosely realistic, but it is far from real (see our example below).Mind-blowing Effects

FaceApp uses neural networks to modify a face on any photo while keeping it photorealistic. For example, it can add a smile, change gender and age, or just make you more attractive. It takes only one tap to apply a filter.

At present, there are six filters which can be used to modify your photo, including Smile, Hot, Young, Old, Male, and Female. You can transform your face using Artificial Intelligence in just one tap!

- Add beautiful smile

Add Beautiful Smile

- Get younger or older

Get Younger

- Become more attractive

- Change gender

Change Gender

- Meet your future self

Meet Your Future Self

How to Use FaceApp

Just download, install and open FaceApp on your iOS device like iPhone 7. You don't need to sign up or register to the app.

FaceApp will automatically recognize the face in picture and then create a gallery named "FACES". Of course you can capture a photo with FaceApp and then add filters to the picture.

You can transform your face seamlessly and perfectly with one tap.

If you are tired of all those duck-face selfies? You can replace them with a toothy grin with just one tap. If you are curious about how you'll look in twenty years? Use the Old filter to age-progress your face - or the Young filter to do the opposite. And if you want to know what you'd look like as the opposite sex (I mean, who hasn't?), the Male and Female filters will show you.

What Users Say about FaceApp

How is it different from other photo beautification apps? Other apps change the style of a photo, but don't modify the content. FaceApp changes the content (e. g. add a smile), but keeps the style (so the picture stays photorealistic).

As far as I know there are no products or research papers that can claim similar quality on this task.

Comments by Users

Vassili Philippov, "I like how smile and gender change work. Really amazing! "

KerryBodle, "is is a bit creepy. It turned me into my dad. I also found out, I would make a hideous woman...."

Chen Zeev, "So freaky. Love it."

Alan Garrec, "The smile filter is really impressive, looks 99% real."

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