April 2015

Wrist Tattoos Break Apple Watch
A rumor about Apple Watch hit every one that Apple Watch could be broken by wrist tattoos or even stopping working.   Some users from Apple reflected that if you wear a watch on you Read More >
Pair Apple Watch with iPhone
Apple Watch just arrived? Great! You may be dying to use it at once. Here is our Apple Watch quick-start guide to set up your Apple Watch.   What is in the box Once you’ve gott Read More >
FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery V1.7.0
The latest version of FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery 1.7.0 is released on April 24, 2015.   Our support team has received piles of feedbacks and inquiries from FonePaw iPhone Data Rec Read More >
Enable iMessages Filter
We all receive junk messages from time to time. If you’re using iMessages, you even have more chances to get spam messages due to the fact spammers only need the email address associated wit Read More >
Free WhatsApp Calling
After months of waiting, free voice calling on WhatsApp finally rolled out to iOS users. An update to the iOS app hit the App Store earlier today and indicates that you’ll soon be able to ca Read More >
The Case of iPad Pro
According to the picture of case which is leaked accidently, the new iPad will be added two more speakers, and the new one on the left side for a USB-C connector. This new Apple iPad mainly reach Read More >
Apple iOS 8.4 Beta
Apple surprisingly releases the first iOS 8.4 beta today. As usual, the beta version which contains a completely redesigned music application is only available to developers.   Appl Read More >
About Mac Version of FonePaw iOS Transfer
We are pleased to announce the availability of FonePaw iOS Transfer (Mac) 1.2.0, which supports the newest iOS 8.3. You are free to download it now.   FonePaw iOS Transfer (Mac), a Read More >
FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Version 1.6.0
Since iOS 8.3 has been released, FonePaw Technology Department has found the bug that the previously version of iPhone Data Recovery isn’t so compatible with iOS 8.3 perfectly, and they have Read More >
Photo APP Mac
Last week, Apple release OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 with support for the new Photos for OS X app, the company’s replacement for both iPhoto and Aperture. Though Apple also removed both iPhoto and Read More >
WWDC 2015 Event
If you’re wondering what new exciting products Apple is going to bring to the world, you won’t have wait too long to find out.   On 14 April, Apple announced that it will ho Read More >
iPhone 6s Plus Model
Rumor has it that the next generation of iPhone will use a pressure-sensing technology named Force Touch which only exclusive to iPhone 6s Plus.   According to Taiwan’s Econom Read More >
Sign in iCloud Account
All contacts in our device can be synced to iCloud. Besides, iCloud allows you to export the contact straight from iCloud.com. So it is very convenient for you if you want to get all contacts on y Read More >
YouTube Videos
Advertisements are annoying – but would you pay to avoid it? Youtube think you might.   According to Bloomberg, YouTube, which is owned by Google, is likely to set to offer an ad free, Read More >
Apple iMac Display
Apple launched the iMac with Retina 5K display last fall, which is the the sharpest computer that Apple has ever launched to users. But according to the statement from LG Display (LGD), Apple is g Read More >
Facetime Icon
I’m not kidding. Mac can make calls to other Apple users that have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or another Mac, using nothing but the native FaceTime Audio service.   Using FaceTime Aud Read More >
Delete iPhone Photo Library Photos
“I have synced a folder which contains some pictures to my iPhone. The synced photos are successfully copied to my iPhone. But I cannot see any “delete” option in my iPhone to re Read More >
The Difference Between iPhone 6c and iPhone 5c
Recently, there has been uncovered a pair of spy photos about iPhone 6c pink rear housing. We can see from the photos that iPhone 6c rear housing is still made of plastic, which looks like a combi Read More >
Battery Technology
Battery life of smart phone becomes a focus for apple. Since March, Apple issued several job posting, recruiting talents on the battery life ascension, especially about the iOS mobile equipment li Read More >
How to Track Lost iPhone

Apr 02 , 2015

Enable Find My iPhone
“Find My iPhone” lets you remotely track your iPhone, which is especially useful when your iPhone is lost or stolen. Not only can Find My iphone help you locate a stolen or lost iPhone Read More >