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FonePaw MacMaster V 1.3.4: Supports Similar Image Finder and Shredder

By FonePaw | Oct 20 , 2017

After Duplicate Finder and Uninstaller had been released, FonePaw MacMaster is improved with two more new features now. With these new functions, you are able to manage your Mac files comprehensively. You may wonder what are they? Now, please go on to have a check.


Similar Image Finder: locate the similar photos on your iMac/MacBook and then delete them to save the space.

Shredder: permanently and safely remove files on certain folder on Mac.


Besides to add the new features, MacMaster has been fixed with some bugs, e.g: sets limits for Uninstaller so that the system apps cannot be deleted. It is worth trying with this new version.

When you install the program, please make sure that you have downloaded the latest version. If not, you can get the version with Check for Update. Then, you’re allowed to experience any feature you like.


Install MacMaster

Get to know Similar Image Finder

  1. Launch the software and move into Similar Image Finder from the left sidebar.
  2. There are two things that you need to select before scanning: the similarity degree of the photos and the path which you tend to scan.
  3. Click Scan to begin scanning and preview the details.

Similar Image Finder


  1. Choose certain items to check. If you are not sure which one should be deleted, click the search bar to view the pictures on the folder.
  2. Select one or part of them to be cleaned out.

 Preview Similar Photos


Use Shredder to prevent files being recovered

  1. Go into Shredder page to read its guide.
  2. Choose path/folder that you aim to shred. If you select the wrong one, click deselect to get it out of the shredding list.

 Choose Folder


  1. Hit Shred button to delete the files.

Note: If you regret this operation, click Cancel immediately.

 Shredding Files


  1. As the process goes to the end, you will see "Shred Done". Next, when you go to check that selected folder, it disappeared.

Shred Done


With this shredding, you could prevent the confidential files being accessed by others since they cannot be retrieved by any data recovery tool.

What do you expect the next version of FonePaw MacMaster? Leave you idea in the comment area or contact us.

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