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How to Record 4K Video on iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus

By FonePaw | Jan 29 , 2016

Are you an iPhone 6s/6s plus user? Here is a good news for you, that is you are able to record 4K video which enables you to record precious moments in resolution that's four times than HD video.  Suppose you're highly commanding about the quality of video, you're bound to like it.


Part 1: How to Enable 4K Video on iPhone


Part 2: How to Record 4K Video


Part 1:How to Enable 4K Video on iPhone


If you are a faithful old user of iOS device, you must have found that a fresh device is set to record video at 1080p HD at 60 fps by default. So even though iPhone 6s/6s plus empowers you the ability to record 4K video you won't be able to find it directly in camera app. To record 4K video, you'll have to enable it by follow.


1.Launch Settings app on the home screen and go to "Photo & Camera".


2. Scroll down to locate and enter "Camera", from where you should tap on "Record Video".


3. In the window of "Record Video", select 4K at 30 fps to enable 4K video recording your iPhone 6s/6s plus.


4. Exit settings as usual.


Enable 4K Video on iPhone


Part 2:How to Record 4K Video


Now that 4K video recording is enabled in settings, you're ready to use it via default iPhone 6s/6s plus camera app. Wondering whether you're using 4K video or not? Well, you can easily figure it out as it is indicated by "4K" both before and during recording. If you wish to switch to default shooting mode, you'll have to back to Settings as you can't tap on "4K" directly to adjust it.


Identify 4K Video by 4K Badge


You may want to know


1. It goes without saying that 4K video is attractive, however, not everyone choose to use it. Why? I guess you already find out when enabling 4K in settings. Every minute of video capture, 4k video eats up near three times of space of the default 1080 p. That means you need a real large storage space on iPhone. Or you can just transfer these high resolution videos to computer to free up more space for next video recording.


4k Video Eats up Large Storage Space


2. Another fly in ointment is that 4K is in such high resolution that 4k-enabled TV is a must. Otherwise other TV can't even display the full quality.

3. If your iPhone cannot record 4K videos, you can use FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate to convert video to 4K ultra HD.


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