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5 Best apps for writing your first book

By FonePaw | Aug 20 , 2021


Do you have a book idea you have thought about for a long time? Are you still waiting for that impulse to start writing? Well, many authors want to polish their book idea before they start writing, while others just start pouring their idea on paper. If before the era of technology writing a book was a long and sinuous process, nowadays many apps could help you write a book easier.


For example, typos and grammar errors can happen to anyone, but there is an app that checks your text for you. Making an outline and organizing your idea can be challenging, but there is an app that can help you do this easier. There is an app for pretty much everything, and many of them are used by writers around the world to organize their work better and write compelling and powerful books. If you are wondering which these apps are, read on to discover the 5 best apps for writing your first book.


1. Grammarly


Grammarly is one of the most popular apps that check your text for grammar and spelling errors. But it is not just a simple app that does this. Grammarly has an in-built algorithm that can detect the incorrect use of some words, suggest replacements, and rephrase sentences to increase their readability.


Grammarly has a free version for everyone, but not all features can be used in the free version. You need to sign up for a premium account so that you can benefit from some powerful features. As a writer who is just starting to write their first book, it is important to know that there is an app that can check your text for you and also improve the tone and readability of your text. You can just start writing and do not worry about proofreading and editing.


2. Scrivener


It seems that this app was specially built for writers. Even though it goes well with every type of text, from fashion essays to assignments, or emails, it works the best with long texts. So, when writing your first book, you need to use Scrivener. It may be a little bit difficult to learn how to use it, but it provides powerful and impressive features you didn't even know you needed.


For example, in the right part of your screen, you will find many tabs that help you organize the information or text. There are a lot of templates you can choose from, from fiction to nonfiction books. Then, you can organize the information on tabs, such as the characters tab where you develop a character and many more.


You get a free trial of 30 days after which you need to pay a fee, but the best thing about this is that it’s a one-time fee. When you write your first book, it can be easy to get lost among the details. Well, Scrivener will help you smoothly organize the story.


3. Hemingway App


The Hemingway App is the dream of every writer. Have you ever wondered how easy it is to read your text? Or if you used the passive voice excessively? Well, this app tells you all these. But it is important to be aware of the fact that it analyzes your text based on the writing style of Ernest Hemingway, who wrote short and concise sentences. It is important to develop your own writing style and use this app to see how readable it is. Experiencing writer’s block is a common thing that happens and this might not allow me to write correctly and writing assistance is needed. I often ask Writix team to write my assignment, and like this, I overcome some of the most difficult obstacles that prevent me from being creative.


4. Dragon Anywhere


Well, sometimes you just want to write and note down some ideas but you simply cannot. For example, maybe you are driving and you need to pay attention to the road. There are many moments when a brilliant idea can strike you and if you don’t take notes now, you will forget it. Well, thankfully, there is an app that is perfect for writers.


You can use it to dictate the text of your book too, not only for dictating ideas. Dragon Anywhere is an exceptional app that can help you write your book while on the road. Its in-built software can detect correctly what you are saying, so now you can write your book only by dictating the ideas. However, if you are on a budget, you should know that this app is more expensive than other ones. If you don’t want to pay about $300 for it, you can use the in-build dictating software of Mac and Windows.


5. A Novel Idea


This is one of the best apps for writing your first book. The thing with writers that are just beginning to write a novel is that they can miss focusing on certain aspects that are very relevant to the book. You might lose sight of creating the plot or the motives, so this app helps you do this.


A Novel Idea is an app that is available for iOS and it helps you organize the book so that you don’t miss any plot aspect. It helps you develop the main idea, the context, the characters, their motives, and personalities, the conflict between them, and many more. Focusing on these plot aspects is essential for your first book because it will make it even more compelling.


Ending Note


Writing your first book can be a real challenge. However, the writing process can become difficult at times, so you need an impulse or support to get it going. Well, these are five of the best apps that can help you write your first book, develop all the plot aspects, and write a smooth and powerful novel.



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