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How to Upload Pictures from Camera Roll to Snapchat

By FonePaw | Dec 27 , 2017

You are a pro to share real-time photo chat images on Snapchat, but do you know that you can also share your saved images on Snapchat from your Gallery or Camera Roll? This post is going to show you how to upload pictures to Snapchat story.


Extra Tips:


If you want to share a photo you have already taken on your iPhone, you'll run into the trouble on sending photos from Camera Roll or Photo Library to Snapchat. This also let us down when we difficultly transfer DSLR or camera photos to iPhone 8/7/6s/6/SE/5s but then we have no idea on sharing these pictures with friends on Snapchat.


Now learn how to Snapchat from Camera Roll with our walkthrough below.



Part 1: How to Upload Photos from Camera Roll to Snapchat

Part 2: How to Share a Photo on  Snapchat Chat


Part 1: How to Upload Photos from Camera Roll to Snapchat

If you want to send pictures from Camera Roll or Gallery on Android or iPhone, you can actually directly upload your photos to Snapchat story via the Share button. Let's take iPhone as an example. Here's an intuitive instruction.


Step 1. Granting Access
First, you need to ensure you've allowed Snapchat access to the Camera Roll. Simply head to your "Settings" menu, click on "Privacy," then "Photos" and toggle to "on" for Snapchat.


Turn on Snapchat


Step 2. Open Camera Roll and Select Photos

Open the Photos app and select the photo you want to upload from Camera Roll or other photo albums. Then, tap the Share icon at the bottom of the screen. Scroll to the right on the row of icons and tap on More button with three dots. Make sure that Snapchat is on.


Open Camera Roll and Select Photos


Step 3. Send Photos from Camera Roll to Snapchat

Going forward you can just tap on the Snapchat icon and it will open up to Snapchat. You can type and draw on the photo just like a regular Snap and send to as many people as you want.


Snapchat from Camera Roll


Part 2: How to Share a Photo on  Snapchat Chat


If you are in a Snapchat with someone and you want to share them a photo right from the chat that you are already in, it can be much easier. The following tutorial is to show you how to upload pictures to Snapchat story from Camera Roll or Gallery. Let's check it out

STEP 1. On the Snapchat app, just tap on the YELLOW camera icon so you can access your photos and videos on iPhone.

Note that you should allow Snapchat to access photos in advance.

STEP 2. After picking an image, you can edit, draw and write on it as well as use the sticker pack to add emoji.

STEP 3. Upload pictures from camera roll and send it to your friends on Snapchat.


Upload iPhone Photos to Snapchat


This is the complete guide on how to share a picture from Camera Roll to Snapchat on Android/iPhone. With this method, you can upload your old pictures saved on your iPhone and snaps them in a unique way. If you are still confused on how to add an image to Snapchat, please comment below.


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