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What  a self-managed dedicated development team is, and 5 reasons to choose Poland

By FonePaw | Aug 26 , 2022

Developing a project is a tough task, as it requires a lot of skills, time, money, and lots of other things you haven't heard of. What could make the situation worse is the constant going back and forth, and checking up on progress regularly, which could cease business operations, and it is a nightmare for any company. In this article, we will learn more about self-managed teams and how to find dedicated software development team in Poland to do the job for you.
We will also tell you how to find the right self-managed dedicated development team services.

Why outsource development work?

Before you hire dedicated development team from Poland, you should learn why you should outsource development work. Outsourcing can be a great financial and organizational win for companies. Businesses pay external agencies or freelancers based on the services provided and are free from paying for the overhead associated with in-house workers, such as sick days, office supplies, rent or hardware, training programs, and more.


What is self-managed dedicated development?

Hiring engineering teams in Poland is a good endeavor. But why is self-managed a top idea? Designation of dedicated team members who are empowered to make quick decisions without compromising on quality. It also allows you to save money as your department size can now match the volume of work and growth, something which is difficult for large companies with a centralized IT department.
Instead of constantly checking progress that has been made or giving feedback, these teams can do it all for you. What you need to do is assign the task and wait for the outcome that you can then comment on.


Benefits of self-managed teams

There are plenty of benefits of self-managed teams that are available to you. Let's see some of them.


Employee engagement

The decision-making process is a two-way street. Without the engagement of employees, businesses are not guaranteed to make decisions that will help them succeed — or even survive. When employees have input in business decisions and their opinions count, they're more invested in the outcomes of those decisions. Employees who actively participate in projects also tend to be happier and more engaged than those who do not.

Reduced costs

Self-managed teams optimize individual productivity and the ability to perform larger responsibilities. This is paramount in the current economic situation, as it may help reduce your development costs, and trust us, anything that can save you money should be more than welcome!

More freedom for employees

Self-managed teams require employees to manage team workloads, assign tasks, and perform quality checks on their own, which can make these teams more desirable for employees who prefer to work independently. This reason alone attracts many professionals who don't like to be taught how to do things to consider the option of working for self-managed teams.

Why Choose a Dedicated Development Team in Poland?

Many people hire dedicated Polish developers, as they are talented and bring great value for money. But is that all about them? Let's find out some of the biggest reasons why Polish programmers are trending right now.

Polish developers are many

There are around 250,000 Polish software developers, which is around 1/4 of the whole CEE region (Central and Eastern Europe). Not only that: they are located in many different cities, meaning you have a large selection of companies, cities, and talents to choose from, instead of relying on a single company for your needs. In fact, more than 1% of the young people who join the workforce of the country are software developers. This is huge.

Polish coders are well educated

Polish coders are in high demand all over the world; the country has a steady influx of skilled IT professionals who can take on jobs in all kinds of fields: front-end, back-end, and full stack development. Polish coders are not only many, but they are also very good technically and hold a variety of certificates. More than 40% of the Polish population has a higher degree, which means software developers from the country can become fast learners and adapt to your project's needs in no time.

Poland is a technology hub

Poland is a large player in the technology industry, and it means that many small businesses have established themselves. If you are looking for Polish tech professionals to hire, you will be able to choose from a wide range of different skill sets. It is a pivotal advantage, as there are many giant players, including Microsoft, Google, and IBM, who have R&D centers in the Central European country. And on another note, it's always a good idea to have such a rapidly expanding country at your disposal.

Polish can communicate in English well

When it comes to taking your business global, the most important thing is to find a programmer who speaks your language. Language barriers not only make communications between teams difficult but also prevent you from getting insight into your developer's thought process and reasoning. Speaking English is an absolute must in the IT industry, and without it, nothing can happen. This is one of the areas where Polish developers excel, and many Asian and Latin American developers fail, even though they are just as qualified.

Time zones

Who would suppose that time zones would play such a major role in finding development teams? But yes, it is important. Poland is in the CET time zone, meaning it shares the same local time with Western Europe, and it is just 1 hour ahead of the UK and six ahead of New York. We cannot say the same about Asia, where time zone differences start to take their toll, and even India is around 10 hours ahead of EET.


Hiring a dedicated software development team in Poland can have so many benefits; it's hard to imagine. Apart from the perfect educational system and the ability of Poles to speak English, there is a large talent pool that can attract even the most skeptical investors on the market. 

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