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How to Fix YouTube Fullscreen Not Working on Firefox, Chrome and Safari

By Admin | Mar 09 , 2016

Similar with YouTube black screen issue, choppy YouTube video problem, another annoying trouble often reported by YouTube users is the "YouTube Fullscreen Not working". Users don't face any problem while watching YouTube videos until they enable the full screen mode. However, YouTube full screen still shows taskbar. So, you may be no able to enjoy YouTube movies in full screen.


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YouTube Won't Work Full Screen


This is a common problem that can happened on various browsers especially Google chrome, Firefox and Safari. For instance, taskbar not hiding when fullscreen is enabled on chrome. And there are many guides online to help you figure it out, but none is in that mush details. In this post, we are going to share with you detail guide on how to fix YouTube fullscreen problem on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


Part 1: Fix YouTube Fullscreen not Working on Chrome


Part 2: Fix YouTube Fullscreen not Working on Firefox


Part 3: Fix YouTube Fullscreen not Working on Safari


Part 4: Download YouTube Videos to Computer and Watch without Fullscreen Problem


Part 1:Fix YouTube Fullscreen not Working on Chrome


Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers, so let's begin with fixing the YouTube full screen problem on chrome. The fix could be surprisingly easy.


1. Just go to your Chrome address bar, type "chrome://plugins" and hit "Enter", you'll see a list of all installed plugins.


2. Then, click the "Details" button.


3. Scroll down and find "Adobe Flash Player." If you see 2 Adobe Flash Players, skip to next step. If there is only one, you need to download a new Adobe Flash Player. Open a different browser, like IE or Firefox and go to adobe.com and follow the instruction to download and install flash player.


4. Go back to Chrome plugin page and find the Flash plugin with the line and click "Disable". Disabling this flash player allows the browser to use the latest flash version that you have installed on your computer.


Disable Flash Player


5. Restart Chrome to see if everything is fine.


Another Solution: Update your browser to use the HTML5 YouTube player


If Flash just won't work properly on your computer, you can try watching YouTube in HTML5 instead of Flash. Just head over to YouTube's HTML5 Video Player page and click the Join the HTML5 Trial link.


Join YouTube HTML 5 Player


Part 2:Fix YouTube Fullscreen not Working on Firefox

If you are able to watch YouTube videos but you are unable to view them in full screen, then it may have a problem with the Flash player and your video drivers.


1. First of all, please update Firefox to the latest version.


2. Visit Adobe's test pageto see if the Flash plugin is installed and working properly. If not, install or update Flash.


Install Flash Player on Firefox


Part 3:Fix YouTube Fullscreen not Working on Safari

1. Go to Finder > Applications. Scroll down your applications list until you find the Safari Right-click the Safari icon and choose Get Info from the context menu.


2. Click the check box next to "Open in 32-bit mode". Then, close and exit out of Safari Info window.

Open 32-bit Mode

3. Launch Safari and navigate Safari > Reset Safari > Reset to reset Safari.


If the above solutions did not fix the YouTube problems, you should next try uninstalling and reinstalling Flash player.


Part 4: Download YouTube Videos to Computer and Watch without Fullscreen Problem


Actually, the most simple way to fix the problem of YouTube taskbar not hiding when going fullscreen would be directly download the videos you want on your computer. In this way, I am sure you will enjoy the full-screen watching with the video player on your Windows/Mac. But how? Maybe you can go to this page: How to Download YouTube Videos for more details.


I hope these 4 fix for "YouTube fullscreen not working" problem worked for you and you can successfully get rid of taskbar in fullscreen on YouTube. In case you still have the problem while watching YouTube in full screen, you can leave comments below.