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4 Mobile Technologies Changing the Auto Industry

By FonePaw | Apr 06 , 2022

Technology is taking over our lives at an unprecedented scale. It seems like there’s a groundbreaking invention every day. Computers are faster, highly powered, and more portable than before. Mobile phones have become personal computers and feature great technologies. According to statistics, 45% of U.S citizens say their smartphone is now their most valuable possession.


Automakers are aware of these trends and are not leaving anything to chance. They are partnering with technology companies, changing how people interact with cars for the better. Let’s look at four mobile technologies that are revolutionizing the auto industry.


1. GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking is a technology that updates a car's location at regular intervals. The technology requires a GPS device to be installed in a car and internet connectivity. When installed in a vehicle, the car can be tracked from a smartphone.


GPS vehicle tracking is a great technology that enhances vehicle security. Besides showing the vehicle's location, a GPS tracker also helps you monitor the car’s speed and see if it has entered or left a preset territory. This technology is very helpful to companies that own a fleet of vehicles.


2. VR Car-Shopping

Virtual Reality is the future of car shopping. Car buyers no longer have to visit showrooms to shop for cars. They can complete the entire process–car research, test-driving, and payment–on their smartphone. To experience VR on your mobile device, you only need to connect it to a VR headset.


You’ll enjoy a 360-degree view of vehicles in a car showroom and see specific car features and functionalities. Your smartphone acts as the display and the processing unit. Many dealerships have already started using this technology and it will soon become mainstream.


3. In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

IVI systems have seen massive changes over the years. In the 1930s, there were press-button AM radios. Today, the combination of information and entertainment in the car is more advanced than before. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are now used to control the most important functions of a smartphone via a car's multimedia system.


These technologies allow car owners to access maps, make calls, and send text messages while driving. They can also access apps such as Apple Music and Spotify on the go.


4. SmartStart

It's now possible to start or turn off your car using your smartphone, thanks to advancements in telematics apps. However, this technology requires a technician to install a remote starter system in your vehicle to enable DroneMobile connectivity with your smartphone.


Although SmartStart may not be as quick as a key fob, the added convenience it provides is worthwhile. Many automakers are already offering Smartstart technology, and we expect it to get better with time.


The symbiotic relationship between cars and mobile phones is hard to ignore. Connecting a smartphone to a vehicle is becoming the norm, and we expect to see better technologies in the future. As we speak, top smartphone manufacturers are already in talks with automakers about building EVs and autonomous vehicles, two of the most anticipated inventions in the auto industry.

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