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Android Tips

How to Turn on S Beam on Samsung Galaxy

By FonePaw | Dec 26 , 2015

Samsung introduces a new piece technology S Beam to the Android, allowing two Samsung phone to beam contents when they are held back to back in a short distance, such as contacts, photos, music, and videos. However, some folk find they cannot turn on this feature when the button "Android Beam" is gray. Actually, to use S Beam, you are required to turn on NFC features first. This guide is showing you how to turn on S Beam on Samsung Galaxy.Turn on S Beam on Samsung Galaxy.


Turn on S Beam on Samsung Galaxy

Step 1. Turn on NFC on Samsung Galaxy
Go to Settings. Then scroll down and choose "More". In the next screen, turn on NFC features which allow data exchange when the phone touches another device.
Turn on NFC


Step 2. Turn on S Beam on Samsung Galaxy
When NFC is turned on, you can enable Android Beam. Hit this option. Then in the next screen, toggle on the button.

Turn on S Beam


When Android Beam is turned on, you can beam app content to another NFC-capable device by holding the device close together. For example, you can beam Browser pages, YouTube videos, People contacts, and more.


Just bring the device together (typically back to back) and then touch your screen. The app determines what gets beam.

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