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Common Google Play Store Error Codes and How to Fix Them

By FonePaw | Mar 11 , 2016

Have you ever encounter situation where you download an application but receive an error note that contains codes seemingly from Google Play Store. This is excruciating, isn't it? Now, we will show you some common Google Play Sore error codes, and tell you the meaning of them as well as the solution.


1. Google Play Store Error DF-BPA-09 'Error Processing Purchase


This error usually occurs when downloading an app. Some may try to re-download and wish it go away. But actually it won't.


• Open the Settings application in your Android phone.
• Scroll down and touch "Apps" or "Applications Manager".
• Choose the "All" column.
• Scroll down and select "Google Services Framework".
• Select "Clear data" and then "OK".


2.Google Play Store Error Code 194

When you try to download apps or games from Google Play Store, you may come across this problem.


Solution: Clear cache in Google Play Store and Google Play Service.
• Go to "Settings".
• Scroll down and choose "Apps" or "Application Manager".
• Select the "All" column and then "Google Play Store app".
• After that, tap the "Clear data" button.


Now redo steps above but in the last second step, select "Google Ply Service" instead of "Google Play Services". After that, try to download again.

Clear Google Play Data


Solution doesn't work? Don't worry. A fix will be available in the latest Google Play Store APK.


3.Google Play Store Error Code 495

This error occurs when downloading or updating apps from Google Play Store.


Solution: Clear Google Play Store data

• Launch the "Settings" app.
• Then select "Apps" or "Applications Manager".
• Swipe to select "All".
• Choose "Google Play Store" > "Clear data".
• Also, delete "Google Services Framework". A new Google ID will be assigned to your Android phone. Afterwards, you Google apps may temporarily act up.
• Remove Google account on your Android. After that, reboot your handset and re-add your account.

Clear Google Service Framework


4. Google Play Store Error Code 941


Problem: Update process is interrupted.


• Head to "Settings".
• Select "Apps" > "Application Manager".
• Swipe to choose "All" and "Google Play Store".
• Tap "Clear cache" and "Clear data".
• Then update again.


5. Google Play Store Error Code 504

Problem: App could not be downloaded.


• Act as steps we mentioned above: Go to "Settings" > "Apps" > "Google Play Store".
• Clear cache as well as data of Google Play Store.
• Clear cache and data of Google Service Framework.


Alternative solution:
• Go to "Settings" > "Account".
• Remove your G-mail account.
Remove Google Account


Have any other errors happened? How did you fix them? Share in the comment!

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Dan Weiman
Dan Weiman
6 year before

error code 505

Emily Watson
5 year before
Reply to  Dan Weiman


Please check the solutions at Solutions for Google Play Store Error 505 in Android.

James Thompson
James Thompson
5 year before


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