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How to Exit Recovery Mode with iTunes

By FonePaw | Aug 25 , 2015

Upgrading or restoring iPhone/iPad should be a simple process. However, occasionally things go wrong when you see a graphic of a USB connector and iTunes icon on your iPhone screen. This means that your iPhone or iPad is stuck on recovery mode.


The iPhone/iPad/iPod is unusable while in recovery mode. So at this moment, you should find a way to exit it. This post will show you a detailed guide on how to exit recovery mode with iTunes.


Note: Entering and exiting recovery mode is the same on all iOS devices regardless of the version of iOS software.


1. Open iTunes and connect iPhone to your computer

Make sure you have updated the iTunes to the latest version. Then, open it and connect your iOS device to computer. iTunes will display a notification that it "has detected an iPhone in Recovery Mode." Click "OK" to restore your iPhone.

iTunes Has Detected iPhone in Recovery Mode


2. Select your iPhone from the list of buttons at the top of iTunes.

Click the iPhone/iPad icon at the upper-left corner of iTunes. Then, select "Summary" tab.


3. Start restore

Click the "Restore iPhone..." button. If iTunes displays a message asking if you would like to back up the contents of the device, click the "Back Up" button to save your data.

Restore iPhone


4. Exit recovery mode

Click the "Restore" button to confirm that you want to exit Recovery Mode by restoring the iPhone to its original factory state. The recovery may take several minutes to finish.

Confirm Restore iPhone


5. Select "Restore from backup" in iTunes after the phone has been restored

This will allow you to select the backup you have created and load it back to your device.



Restoring in recovery mode will erase your device. Nevertheless you can still restore data on your iPhone if you have backed up your device previously.


If you failed to get your iPhone out of recovery mode, you can give FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery a try. Just download and run the program on your computer, and then connect your device to the PC. When your device is detected, it will tell you that "Your device is not in normal mode." Click "Restart" to get your iOS device out of recovery mode.

iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode


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