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FonePaw Screen Recorder Win 3.7.0 Updates: Fix Display Issue, Add New Recovery Feature

By FonePaw | Mar 05 , 2021

This week, FonePaw Screen Recorder (Win) has been updated to the 3.7.0 version, bringing a better visual experience to users and allowing users to restore the unfinished recording. Read on to explore the new features!


1. Fix the program interface display issue on high DPI settings.


DPI stands for dots per inch. If users increase the DPI, they will see a larger font size. The high DPI means the computer screen is in high resolution and the content will be enlarged as well. Some users said that there are some display problems with the screen recorder after they set the high DPI.




In this update, we fix this problem. The interface will be clear in high DPI.


2. Restore the unsaved recordings.


It will be troublesome if the computer suddenly turns off during the recording or the recording program is accidentally canceled in the middle of recording. In the new version of FonePaw Screen Recorder, users can save the unfinished recording when they restart the program.


There will be a prompt to remind users whether to restore the unsaved recording.


Screen Recorder Prompt


In the Recording History, users can also restore the canceled or unsaved recordings.


Restore History


Click Restore to save.


Unsaved Video


Besides, our team also fix some bugs to improve the optimized performance of the program, which can bring a better experience to our users.


Now, download the program to try!


Windows Version Download  Mac Version Download


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