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[Update] FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery 4.2.0 is Released with New Interface

By FonePaw | Oct 23 , 2017

FonePaw iOS Data Backup & Restore feature has come with FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery V4.1.0, which is a big change of this program. Recently, FonePaw has updated iPhone Data Recovery to 4.2.0 version and brought a new main interface. If you are a user with 4.1.0, don't hesitate to upgrade it to the latest one.


FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery 4.2.0


What FonePaw exactly updated in 4.2.0 version?

  • The new main interface comes with modular design.
  • Supports Deep Fix in iOS System Recovery.
  • Compatible with iPhone 8/8 Plus.


Let's have a look on the changes of FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery in details.

Change 1. When you launch the program, you will see a pop-up to inform you the version and features of the software. In the 4.1.0 version and former, it is really simple and doesn't list the included features: iOS System Recovery and iOS Data Backup & Restore.


Launching Page


Change 2. The main interface of the program. The homepage comes to you with modular design now while the former only shows one function - iPhone Data Recovery at the first glance and displays "Recover from iDevice" feature.

Now, you are able to directly select certain feature in the homepage.


Main Interface


Change 3. iOS System Recovery can support the newest iPhone models. The guide for putting iPhone into recovery mode and DFU mode includes iPhone 8/8 Plus now, which is not the same as iPhone 7/7 Plus, or the former devices.

Enter iOS System Recovery and connect your device to PC. If it is not recognized, there is a question mark for you to lead you to put the device into Recovery mode or DFU mode.


 Put iPhone 8 in Recovery Mode


Change 4. When you repair your frozen iPhone/iPad, the program will fix the device with scanning and repairing steps. Once it fails in normal way, you're allowed to go to Deep Fix to get it recovered.


With such improved performances of FonePaw iOS features, how do you think? In the next version, FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery will have a new name but still owns those functions. Do you have any good idea for its name? Hope you to share your idea with us.



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