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How to Open Notepad in Windows 10

By FonePaw | Jan 25 , 2019

Notepad is a simple text editor on Windows PC. Windows 10 has Notepad on it just like Windows 7/8/XP. However, some people can't find Notepad in the desktop or the programs list in Windows 10. Here is how to 5 ways to find Notepad on Windows 10 and also 2 tips to add Notepad to the Taskbar or desktop so that you can always find it.



6 Ways to Open Notepad in Windows 10


Find Notepad in Start Menu
By default, Notepad can be found in the programs list of the Start menu. In Windows 10, you can find it with the following steps.


  • Click Start.
  • Navigate to the Windows Accessories folder.
  • Expand the folder and find Notepad.


Find Notepad in Start Menu


Run Notepad.exe via File Explorer
You can launch notepad.exe in File Explorer. Notepad location on Windows 10 is:

  • This PC > OS (C:) > Windows.


Locate Notepad.exe on Windows 10


Click notepad.exe to open the app. If you can't find the notepad.exe, enter the keyword "notepad" in the search bar of File Explorer to find it.


Create a new text document
If you need to access Notepad immediately, here is a workaround:


  • Right click on the empty area of your desktop;
  • Select New > text document.
  • This will open the Notepad window.


Create A New Text Document


Search Notepad in Windows 10
If you can't find Notepad in the program list of the Start menu, locate the app by searching it in Windows' Search bar.


  • Click Search.
  • Type in: Notepad and hit Enter.
  • Click Notepad from the search result.


Open Notepad from the Run window
Also, you can find Notepad in Windows 10 through the Run window.


  • Press Win key + R key at the same time to open the Run window.
  • Type in notepad and hit Enter.
  • The Notepad application will be opened.


Run Notepad on Windows


Open Notepad from Command Prompt
You can also find Notepad through Command Prompt.


  • Press Win + R keys to open the Run window.
  • Type cmd and press Enter to launch Command Prompt.
  • Type: notepad.exe


Run Notepad in Command Prompt


2 Tips to Easily Access Notepad on Windows 10

Pin Notepad to Taskbar
If you often need to use Notepad, pinning it to the Taskbar will make it more convenient for you to access it.


  • Open a Notepad Window.
  • Right-click the Window.
  • Select Pin to Taskbar.


Pin Notepad to Taskbar


Create Notepad shortcut in the Desktop
Creating a Notepad shortcut in the desktop is another way to easily open Notepad. In Windows 10, you can create a shortcut to any apps by simply dragging it from Start menu to Desktop.


  • Click Start menu.
  • From the programs list, find Notepad.
  • Drag Notepad to the desktop. A shortcut to Notepad will be created.


Create A Shortcut for Notepad


That's all about how to open Notepad on Windows 10. If you still have a question, leave it in the Comments.


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