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The New Instagram? What Is Vero & How to Use It?

By FonePaw | Mar 21 , 2018

For some Millennials, Vero, the brand new social media network that has ranked the first in App Store/Google Play Store for the past few weeks might be the next Instagram. Though recently some problems appeared in Vero, the amount of new users is still rapidly increasing, and some users even abandoned Instagram and turn to Vero. Can Vero keep attracting new fans? Let’s go further.




What Is Vero?

At present, Vero is an application that can be installed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store . It is increasingly popular recently especially among Millennials as well as male users.


Vero Logo


"Vero" means "truth" in Italian, which fits with the core spirit of Vero: being a true social media. The app is designed for those who love to share. Users can share movies, TV, music, books, places, photos, links, and have the right to decide who can see their posts.


It can be downloaded for free up to now, but it will ultimately become the paid one. It is said that the first million users who sign in now can access Vero without being charged for life.


How Is It Different?

There are four things make Vero distinctive.


1. No Ads
One of the most iconic features for Vero is that it promises to provide a social media platform without ads. In other words, you can see only the contents that you are interested in, including the posts of your friends or those provided by the accounts that you subscribed. No more intrusive advertisements on the app where you would like to share contents with friends. Vero still allows companies and organizations to set accounts, and users can follow those accounts if they want.


2. Divide Friends into Different Groups
In Vero, you can have your posts share to all, and also you can set it private, and that is another advantage comparing with Instagram. You can divide your friends into three groups: Acquaintances, Friends, and Close Friends, and each time you make a new post, you can decide which group is allowed to see it.


Vero Divide Your Friends into Groups


3. No "Trending" Algorithms
Instagram is controlled by algorithms that always make decisions for you about what's displayed, and therefore you might miss posts from your friends. Vero doesn't have that kind of algorithms and all contents will be shown by date, so that you can read posts chronologically. This change gives users more control, no wonder more and more people are attracted by Vero.


4. Paid Subscription
The rapid rise of Vero has raised dispute at the same time. The increasing number of users weaken server and recently some people have trouble using Vero. Thus there is still a lot of work for Vero developers to do. Besides, Vero is ad-free, which means it will not receive revenue from advertising. Based on these two reasons, Vero may charge its users for subsidy.


How to Use Vero?

Vero has a concise interface so you can handle it easily. After you download the app and open it, you are required to enter your user’s name, e-mail address, password and phone number to sign in.

Then you come to the Home page of Vero. On the top, there are five icons next to the logo of Vero. From left to right they are: Search, Dashboard, Collections, Notifications, and Chat.




  • The first one is Search, where you can see a page similar to the Instagram. You can discover some popular posts and well-known users, and you can buy products from them.
  • The second one is Dashboard. You can change your information here, such as adding an avatar, writing a profile, viewing friends, etc.
  • Next would be Collections. All contacts using Vero will be listed on the page. If you want to add these contacts, tap the icon of Plus on the top right. Also, all content shared with you will be sorted and saved on this page, including pictures, links, and music.
  • Notifications is followed. You will receive notices like someone wants to add on this page.
  • At last, the icon of Chat is on the rightmost, on which you can have a chat with others directly.


Vero Making New Post


You can tap the icon of Vero on leftmost and go back to the Home page, where there is a Plus at the bottom. Tap it and you can make a new post. Have a try!

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5 year before

I think heaps of people are downloading it right now.It's an amazing way to connect with the people. I am also using Vero app.

Emily Watson
5 year before
Reply to  James

Yeah. It is really easy to use.

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