January 2016

Enable 4K Video on iPhone
Are you an iPhone 6s/6s plus user? Here is a good news for you, that is you are able to record 4K video which enables you to record precious moments in resolution that’s four times than HD v Read More >
Back up Using File History
It is always good to have backup. Backup can prevent from losing any important files.  Windows 10 enables users to make full backup in simple way, do you know how to do that?   Part 1: How t Read More >
4-inch iPhone
A 40 seconds video was posted on a social media, which is about the rumor of 4-inch iPhone. That makes Apple users expected more about it, and what is the device going to be called is not that imp Read More >
Motorola Moto G Turbo Edition
For the Motorola Moto G Turbo Edition owners who have been waiting for Android Marshmallow for a long time, you may experience this update which has started reaching to the market very soon. Read More >
Go to Settings-General-Accessibility
Nowadays, night mode is becoming a more and more popular feature for many smartphone apps for the sake of eyes protection. It would do less harm to our eyes if a more subtle and darker mode in iPh Read More >
Disable Siri on iPhone and iPad
It goes without questions that Siri voice assistant brings a lot of amazing and interesting features. However, there are still some people wish to turn off Siri assistant for individual preference Read More >
Google Now Weather
According to Ubergizmo, Google is testing a new design for the weather card of Android, which in order to make the card looks more pretty but functional.   Check the screenshot abov Read More >
Nike Running
With the rise of the concept of health and fitness, running is now becoming a sought-after topic for many people. Some may run for personal best, others may run for marathon training program. Whatev Read More >
Foldable Samsung Smartphone
Over the past couple of years, it has been rumored many times that Samsung is working on foldable smartphone. Samsung owns several patents about foldable smartphone, but this product didn’t Read More >
Multi-camera Optical Zoom System
Good news! Apple explored a new multi-camera optical zoom system for future iPhone. For almost all Mobile photographers, they might be excited for that. Apple is testing this new feature, and Appl Read More >
Authorize This Computer
Before getting down to how to authorize or deauthorize iTunes, let’s be clear about below definition.   iTunes:  The only official app by Apple to connect iPhone/iPad/iPod touch t Read More >
Wild Weather App
Suppose that you’re living in a city with changeable climate, you’re bound to be annoyed many questions, such as “Is tomorrow warm or cold, what clothes to wear will be appropria Read More >
How to Use Windows Hello

Jan 10 , 2016

Windows 10 Facial Recognition
Competitions between company and company are more and more fierce. Not only Apple Inc. but also Microsoft wants to develop more powerful and surprising features to win its customers. Recently, in Read More >
iOS 9.2.1 Jailbreak
Todesco also jailbroke iOS 8.4.1 after iOS 9 was jailbroken; however there was no official GUI or tool created for that jailbreak. Instead, the source code was posted on Github.   T Read More >
Andy Rubin
Andy Rubin, as the Android founder in Google, prepares to back to the market of smartphone after quitting. However, he doesn’t focus on the Android system this time, but for Android phone. Read More >
When Android N rolls out at the end of next year, Google will have switched over to OpenJDK, the open source Java Development Kit from Oracle, instead of the proprietary JDK that Google currently Read More >
Increase Contrast
It goes without saying that iOS 9 has brought iPhone users a lot of interesting experience for its new features, like a new system font, a handful of new wallpapers and a bit more. However, recent Read More >
iPad Keyboard Shortcut Safari
I just bought my iPad Pro and the Smart Keyboard. Apart from so many cool features iOS 9 brings, I’m most satisfied with this big improvement – the handing of external keyboards.   Read More >
Homepage of Humin
With Humin, Your phone and contacts app now remembers all of your relationships.   Humin hooks into your phone, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts and combines them with your calendar, emai Read More >
New Year always starts off with ambitious goals and beautiful wishes. As 2016 approaches, it is time for you to make your new year’ resolutions whether you’ve won or lost the year 2015 Read More >