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Wild Weather: When a Weather App Meets Beautiful Illustrations

By FonePaw | Jan 11 , 2016

Suppose that you're living in a city with changeable climate, you're bound to be annoyed many questions, such as "Is tomorrow warm or cold, what clothes to wear will be appropriate? Or will it rain tomorrow, shall I take an umbrella with me or not?" Well, there are a remarkable number of all-featured weather apps for you to predict the up-to-date conditions. And if those weather apps with too many functions aren't your things, then Wild Weather is the one for you.


Wild Weather is a beautiful weather app combines hand drawn illustrations and with accurate forecasts. Featuring minimalism approach, Wild Weather matches your location, time of day and current weather condition with just few stats.

Wild Weather App



Despite of its simple functions, Wild Weather does great job in weather prediction applying to drum most accurate and up-to-the-minute local weather data including precipitation, wind speed and direction. You can view detail local condition description so as to get yourself ready for the slightest weather changes. Beyond that, you can choose to view the temperature both in Celsius and Fahrenheit as your preferences.

Wild Weather Accurate Forecasts


2. Hand Drawn Illustrations

Sometimes when you're not in the mood, you will need something peaceful to look at, especially when encountering a cloudy and lowery day. Featuring dozens of hand drawn illustrations consisting of colorful landscapes and amazing animations, Wild Weather will enrich your day. Just enjoy the daily temperature alongside and cute dear, a natural landscape, or lovely day and pristine night scenes.

Hand Drawn Illustrations


3. Three-day Accurate Forecasts

There is additional feature available called 3-day forecast. If you are planning a family outing in town in three days, this function is definitely for you. You can swipe up from the screen to view the detail information in three days including odds to rain, wind speed and direction, and rainfall levels. There is a description about different stages of a day for you to better adjust yourself. For example, descriptions like, most cloudy throughout the day, and rain staring in the afternoon can be seen.

Wild Weather 3 Days Forecast


So, this is the app, very simple one, right? While the trade-off is that it really looks good and works well. It can be better if there is a way to change specific city through a settings menu. But I don’t think this will prevent you giving a try to this little gadget.


You can easily get Wild Weather in App Store for $1.99.


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