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How to Sell an old iPhone 7 in the UK for top cash

By FonePaw | Mar 17 , 2021

Are you looking to selling your old iPhone 7? It can be because you have one eye on one of the new iPhones? In any case, it is a decent choice to sell your old handset as it will help you get some quick money that you can use for your new device. In this article, we will show you various options for selling iPhone 7 in the UK. We'll additionally offer some guidance on the best way to set up your iPhone for sale.

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Preparatory steps to sell your iPhone 7


Before you sell your iPhone, you'll need to ensure you've cleaned everything on it. It will help you avoid giving access to your personal information to the buyer. It could prompt misrepresentation or fraud if not handled well. Cleaning an Apple handset is a simple process, which you can do from the Settings function.


We would prompt you not to get enticed to sell your iPhone with data inside, regardless of whether it adds to the resale value. An application or game may appear to be innocent, but it will remain associated with your Apple account. A hacker can get the opportunity to steal your personal data. It's smarter to proceed cautiously.


You'll additionally need to assemble all the accessories you have got with the iPhone 7. Ensure you indicate what the iPhone accompanies bundling concerns, especially if you're selling on online platforms.


Important things to keep in mind when selling old iPhone 7


If you are endeavoring to sell your old iPhone 8, research well to find the best price. It is essential to remain true about the condition of your device. Any inconsistency found later will incite a reduction of the offered cost or cancellation of the deal. It is common for iPhone users to have broken screens, so check for any damages. Make sure you clean the handset as nobody would take a grimy handset.


When you complete cleaning the device, click some photographs from various angles, especially if you plan to advertise online. Locked and unlocked gadgets impact the value of old phones. Thus, it justifies thinking about whether you want to unlock the handset before selling it. Locked devices will get you a much lower price. Regardless, if you are contemplating unlocking the gadget, rethink if it would be with the effort. It is like how you have a broken handset and consider sorting it out before selling it.


Where to sell old iPhone 7


There are many options you can utilize when selling handsets online. You can pick virtual commercial centers like eBay or Amazon. Makers like Apple would, in like manner, accept your old handset and offer you an exchange. The same is the situation with network providers like Vodaphone or O2. You moreover have the option of picking mobile buying and recycling companies that will offer you excellent cash for your old device.


It can get tough to pick the right option when there are too many of them. To get the best money, it is fundamental for research well. You can visit various websites to get quotes and have an assessment at a later stage. When getting a quote, check the conditions about free postage and their terms and conditions. You would not want to get astonished later about additional costs or delayed payments.


Most sellers of new mobiles would allow you to trade old mobile phones and get some money off on the new one. Even most bigger ones offer such plans. Online marketplaces let you add the value you want. However, they have their shortcomings as well. For example, these websites remain seriously amassed with postings, which means there is no confirmation you will get to sell your handset.


Amazon will not offer hard money and give gift vouchers. So, this option will be ideal for you just if you don't need any hard cash. The processing fee is another perspective that should be kept in mind. Pick marketplaces that don't charge anything from sellers.


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