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The Best Resume Writing Software in 2020

By FonePaw | Feb 12 , 2020

Sometimes, writing a resume can be one of the toughest things to do. Usually, there are many ways people can reduce the workload involved. One of these ways includes using resume writing software. And asides reducing the workload of writing it by themselves, people can improve their skills of writing one a lot easier.


Resumes are important for job seekers. They come as vital items that help employers know the necessary details relevant to an employee. Due to the nature of resumes, professional writing must always be involved. However, this can only be done by professionals. For this reason, resume writing software can play a great role in helping people craft perfect resumes.




Since recent times, different software has been created to perform the tasks of writing a CV. If you are someone who has always wondered what the best ones are, then this article should help you figure that out. Below, we will talk about some of the best software that allows people to craft the best resumes in 2020.


1. Hemingwayapp

Hemingwayapp is a great tool that has been used by several expert resume writers. Today, the software comes as an online tool that allows people to craft perfect resumes. Perfect resumes are resumes with proper content formatting, proper sentence structures, and proper usage of words. These are things the software is designed to check and make sure they exist in a resume.


The Hemingwayapp software features an editor that allows people to proofread their content and spot errors. The editor also allows users to spot sentences that may be hard to read and thus, prompts a user to change a couple of words within the sentence. Apart from this, the usage of passive or active voice will also be spotted with the help of online software.


2. Creddle

Creddle is a great tool that was designed to help resume writers perform their works even better. Today, the app provides job seekers with unique resume templates to help them write their CVs easily and faster. The online software is regarded as one of the best to be used in 2020 not only because of its wide range of templates for resume templates but also because of its easy-to-use to use interface.


The software offers people a chance to start with writing their resumes through the resume templates it provides.


3. Grammarly

Grammarly is another software people who need to craft the best resumes can refer to. Grammarly makes it to our list of best resume wiring software in 2020 because of its wide range of features that help people proofread their resumes. It comes as an online tool designed to spot grammatical errors in any text content and also to fix those errors. Through its spell-check feature, writers can worry less about submitting resumes that have misspellings of certain words.


The goal of every job seeker when submitting a resume for a job is to ensure the hire manager understands every bit of the content they write. Grammarly spots the readability level of content and through its unique features, this readability level can be improved.


4. Resume Genius

Usually, people avoid the stress of writing resumes by using resume writing software. The developers of the Resume Genius software understood this and went the extra mile in ensuring it meets such needs of job seekers.


The software allows people to create their resumes in about 15 minutes. All they simply have to do is use the service to create a resume based on the information they provide to it. This tool considers the time of job seekers and quickens the process to allow them to make time for other important things.




5. ConnectCV

ConnectCV is another software that is considered the best for resume writing in the year 2020. The software comes as an online tool that is regarded as a CV builder. With its features, job seekers can prepare their CV in a matter of minutes.
Users can work on creating their resumes and decide to publish it online for employers to find them. The software also allows users to share their CV after creating one. And asides sharing it to several other digital channels, they can download it as a pdf file or word file.


6. Canva

Canva is popularly known as a graphics tool that comes in handy when people need to create video resumes or infographic resumes for their employers. There are many reasons for employers considering video resumes and infographic ones. One of which includes their ability to better portray information about job seekers.


The Canva tool allows users to create resumes in the form of graphics through its automation feature. With the information of job seekers provided, people can work their way towards making them through the templates it offers.


7. Cultivated Culture

Asides using software to prepare a CV, people can decide to make use of some of the best resume writing services online. This may cost more but is always worth the shot. For people who choose to go with software, Cultivated Culture is yet another one they can look into. The software offers a series of features that allow job seekers to build their CVs with ease.


8. CVMaker

In general, writing is a tough job to handle. Looking into some top writing tips can always come in handy. However, taking a look at resume writing, the process can be made a little simpler through the use of software. Another software capable of helping people do this in 2020 is the CVMaker, which can build a CV for job seekers based on information provided.


Job Seeker


The above-listed software are regarded as the best ones for 2020. With their wide range of features, job seekers can finally get the chance to craft perfect essays that can help them secure jobs easily.

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