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Group FaceTime: Make Group Face Time Calls With up to 32 People

By FonePaw | Jul 23 , 2018

FaceTime is a built-in video and audio calling app developed by Apple. It is updated in new iOS 12 and masOS Mojave with a newly-added function of group FaceTime call with up to 32 participants at once.


1.How to Make Group FaceTime Calls with iPhone/iPad/Mac on iOS 12


To make a group FaceTime call is basically the same as the normal way of starting a FaceTime call, but some new steps are added.


Make Group FaceTime Calls on iPhone/iPad on iOS 12:


  • Open FaceTime on your iPhone' s/iPad' s home screen.
  • Tap the "+" button at the top right corner.
  • Enter a number of the person you want to call or select a contact from Contacts.
  • Up to 30 contacts can be added.
  • Tap Video or Audio to make the group FaceTime call.


Facetime Homepage


Make Group FaceTime Calls on Mac:


» Make sure you've set up FaceTime on your Mac and logged in with your Apple ID.
» Launch FaceTime on your Mac.
» Enter the name, number or email address of the person you want to call, or just click on a contact' s name.
» Up to 30 contacts can be added.
» Click on Video or Audio to place the group FaceTime call.



Since FaceTime has been integrated into the Messages app, you can directly initiate a group FaceTime call through your iMessage group conversation.

  • Open Messages on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Choose a group conversation or start a new one.
  • Tap the avatars of the conversation participants at the middle above.
  • Tap FaceTime.
  • Then a group FaceTime call with the members in that group conversation is placed.


2.How to Make Group FaceTime Calls without iOS 12


What if you haven' t updated to iOS 12 but you also want to enjoy the fun of group FaceTime video call? Two apps you can use for group video calling without iOS 12 are recommended here for you.




Skype has more features than the built-in FaceTime app, such as sending text messages, pictures, videos, and even computer files, making audio and video calls, including group video calls. What' s more, Skype has a good compatibility of and is available both for iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC.


Skype Trademark


Google Hangouts


Google Hangouts is another powerful app developed by Google, which is capable of sending messages, sharing files and making calls. It allows initiating a group video or audio call with up to 10 people. In addition, Google Hangouts is also available for both Android, iPhone, Mac, and PC.


Google Hangouts Image


How do you feel about the new function of group FaceTime call? Welcome to share with us in Comments!



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