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FonePaw Screen Recorder (Win) 3.6.0 Updates: Better Recording Experience

By FonePaw | Nov 06 , 2020

FonePaw Screen Recorder (Win) 3.6.0 has added some attractive features for Windows users.

Except for fixing some bugs and optimizing the program, FonePaw Screen Recorder also adds brand-new features in this version, including:

  • Microphone enhancement/noise cancellation
  • Sound Check
  • Hotkeys optimization

Microphone enhancement/ noise cancellation

The first big update of FonePaw Screen Recorder 3.6.0 is adding the microphone enhancement and microphone noise cancellation functions.
It will be so helpful to users who need to record their videos/audios with their noise.

Microphone Enhancement

When you turn on the Microphone enhancement, the voice will be raised and the sound quality will be improved as well. Microphone cancellation is mainly used for reducing environmental noise while you are recording the microphone sound.


Here are examples to illustrate the effect:

  • When you are recording microphone sound without selecting the two options, the soundtrack is like the following picture:

Normal Soundtrack

  • When you turn on the Microphone noise cancellation, you will notice that there is less noise and it will sound clearer.

Noise Cancellation

  • When you turn on the Microphone enhancement, the voice that is recorded will be raised.

Voice Enhancement

  • When you turn on both of the two options, the sound will be much louder and clearer.

Enhance Voice And Denoise

1. This feature is for registered users only;
2. The final effects of the recording are depending on your device.

Sound Check (System Sound & Microphone)

By adding the Sound Check features, users can make sure the sound is recorded in advance, which avoids the mistakes like recording an ambiguous voice or couldn’t record the sound.

Sound Check Preferences Settings
So, if you are recording an online course by yourself or you are recording an instructional video, you can check the sound and make some adjustments, ensuring your voice is recorded normally.


You can access the Sound Check feature by clicking the drop-down arrow beside the Sound and Microphone icons.

Sound Check


Hotkeys are so useful when the screen is stuck or you can’t exit the program after the recording.

Now, you can view which hotkey is occupied and restore the hotkeys by yourself.

Hotkeys Settings

When you start the recording, the hotkeys prompt will be showed so you don’t need to worry about forgetting the hotkeys.

Hotkeys Prompt

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