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[Hot] FonePaw Now Supports iOS Data Backup & Restore (including iOS 11)

By FonePaw | Sep 23 , 2017

In September, iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X comes out and the official version of iOS 11 is pushed to all iOS devices. Thus, lots of users will update their iPhone. When you change your device or upgrade iOS version, it is a must to back up the data before. iCloud has limited free storage to save data while iTunes usually makes your computer run slowly. In this case, FonePaw releases a new feature: iOS Data Backup & Restore which is new in FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery 4.1.0.


iPhone Data Recovery 4.1.0


Before trying the new function, we will let you know what’s new with this 4.1.0 version.
1. What is the most important is to add a new feature: iOS Data Backup & Restore.
2. Add some detailed guides for users in using iPhone Data Recovery, such as how to encrypt your iTunes backup when using “Recover from iTunes Backup” feature, and how to unlock Notes on iDevice when scanning Notes on iPhone or iPad.
3. Some bugs are fixed.


 More Tools

Now, you can take a glance on new function or directly experience it.
Supported devices: iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s/5/5c, iPhone 4s/4;
iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini
Supported iOS version: iOS 7 and later.


Part 1. Back Up Your iOS Data Entirely or Selectively

1. Launch FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery and go to "More Tools" > "iOS Data Backup & Restore".
2. Connect iPhone to PC and trust this connection. Then, choose "Standard backup"or "Encrypted backup" which needs you to set a password for the backup.


 Choose Backup Mode

3. Select data type to save. Next, it will start backing up.
4. When the backup is over, you will get the size of the backup file.


 Backup Over

Part 2. Restore Files from Backup to PC or Device

When you get a new iPhone or update to iOS 11, you can restore the files from backups.
1. Open the program and move to "iOS Data Backup & Restore" homepage.
2. Preview the previous backup history.


 Choose Backups

3. Choose data to restore. You can restore the contents to PC or get back to device.


 Preview Data

Note that at present, only contacts and notes can be restored to the device and you can undo the restoring if you’re not satisfied.


 Restore Data


The process of backup and restore is not complex. And compared with iTunes and iCloud, you will find out that iOS Data Backup & Restore:


  • 1. Can encrypt the backup files with personalized passcode.
  • 2. Creates a backup which takes up less space on PC.
  • 3. Supports recovering to PC or devices.
  • 4. Allows you do a backup without network.
  • 5. Provides a free way to back up many times and the recent one will not cover the old one.


If you have tried this feature and thought it not bad, please share with your friends. If you are not so satisfied with it, please contact us.

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