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Passive Income Ideas: Making the Most of the Internet

By FonePaw | Mar 28 , 2022

The last few years have sure been hectic, and if there’s one thing a lot of people were forced to learn the hard way, it’s that it certainly is risky to rely on just one source of income. Job markets and the economy overall are prone to surprises – and they’re not always pleasant.


According to Statista, 6 out of every 10 people worldwide are now Internet users, and it’s hardly shocking that when looking for extra sources of income, they turn to the web as well. Luckily, the internet is full of opportunities – from side hustles that could easily become your new hobbies (like blogging, freelancing, etc.) to money-making apps like Honeygain that barely ask you to lift a finger.


Earning online: quick to start, effortless to maintain

When it comes to passive income ideas, most people are looking to mark the same advantages off their checklists. First of all, the activity should not require a lot of preparation or investment prior to the start, such as buying expensive hardware or completing weeks’ worth of training. Worrying whether your investments will pay off anytime soon certainly spoils the fun! This is precisely what makes earning money online so attractive. Most of the ways to do it require little more than a device with a stable Internet connection – which a potential earner most likely owns anyway.


In addition to that, people are free to reuse some of the other things they already have. Let’s say you dabble in art in your free time – why not use the designs you’ve created in the past for an online Print-on-Demand store? Photographs you’ve snapped can easily be sold in photo banks. That blog you were writing on weekends can become a great place for affiliate marketing. And if you have expertise in any specific field, be it coding or staying motivated, you could convert it to an e-book or an online course once and keep selling it for years.


Another and very important advantage of web-based passive income ideas is the fact that they’re easy to combine and they work great together. While you do need to spend a little time setting it up at the very beginning, regular maintenance barely takes any of it later, so there’s little to no risk of getting overwhelmed. Furthermore, the more income sources a person has, the less they depend on each of them individually. If, for example, your e-book isn’t selling that well in a particular month, your bank account is not at risk of drying up, as there’s still money flowing in from other sources.


Investing as little time as possible

Some people aren’t looking to completely rely on passive income ideas for their livelihood – but still, they would like to explore new opportunities to make some money on the side effortlessly. Their best bet might be to look into money-making apps. Most of them run on a variety of devices and operating systems – so whichever one you’re a fan of, there’s probably a vast variety of apps available.


There are multiple types of applications that allow their users to make money online without investing a lot of time and effort. Some of the most popular ones offer cashback payouts for shopping online. However, this barely counts as actual passive income: it’s a great way to save a dime or two, sure, but spending money to make less money certainly won’t fill up your wallet.


There are also apps that allow anyone to earn by selling their personal data – however, it’s understandable some users might not feel comfortable with that. Even when money-making apps seem really transparent and open about the way they use your information, it’s still your personal data – and it’s called personal for a reason.


For the busiest (and the most cautious)

Some of the safest ways to make money online effortlessly are opting for apps that have no access to personal data but instead pay people for extra resources. For example, Honeygain (available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices) allows its users to earn money by sharing their internet connection. The app uses it to collect publicly available web data for its business clients who can then use it to stay competitive in terms of their pricing, prevent intellectual property infringement, or simply monitor web statistics.


Of course, money-making apps won’t make you rich overnight – nor do they promise to do so. According to the interactive estimation tool on Honeygain’s website, a typical user should expect to earn $6–67 in a month, depending on the number of devices and the gigabytes they share. However, steady and risk-free payouts of this size are a lot better than most people get for literally doing nothing – and it’s still more than enough to cover your streaming platform subscription expenses or treat yourself with some fancy coffee.


Choosing money-making apps wisely

If you want to experiment with some passive income ideas that require minimal effort, make sure you choose the safest options available online. Data breaches and malicious practices are no joke! Here’s a handful of things to check out before deciding a particular website or application is actually trustworthy:


  • First of all, has the app been around for a while and has a somewhat sizable client base, or is it a newcomer that no one seems to have ever heard about before?
  • Is the company fully transparent in terms of its privacy policy and ethical use? Is every step of using the application and receiving your rewards clearly explained?
  • Does the team engage in conversations with their users on social media? Do they answer to reviews and address all concerns at the earliest, or are they nowhere to be found once an issue arises?
  • Finally, does the application offer reliable payment options and clearly communicates all the related information like earning rates, minimal payout sum, etc.?


Not all passive income ideas are made equal – therefore, it’s crucial to pick credible ones. It’s always better to earn a little less now than put your privacy at risk and possibly suffer later!

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