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How to Make a Full Backup of Windows 10

By FonePaw | Jan 28 , 2016

It is always good to have backup. Backup can prevent from losing any important files.  Windows 10 enables users to make full backup in simple way, do you know how to do that?


Part 1: How to Make Backup of Windows 10 via File History


Part 2: Create System Images Backup of Windows 10


Before you start


Prepare an external disk or a network location where you can store the backup, and make sure it's connected to your PC.


Part 1: How to Make Backup of Windows 10 via File History


1. Go to Start menu to enter Settings at the bottom-left, and then click Update and Security, from where click Backup from the left sidebar to show below screen.


Back up Using File History


2. Click "+" icon - Add a drive to choose an external drive connected to computer or network location to save your backup files. And File History will archive your data when a new heading called "Automatically back up my files" is ON.


Add External Drive or Network Share




Click on More Options and you can set details about when and what contents to be backed up.


Click More Options to Change Default Settings


Part 2: Create System Images Backup of Windows 10


Unther like backup via File History, this allows users to create the whole images of current windows system, including your operating system, installed programs, setting and other users files.


1. Right-click Start and launch Control Panel, then enter File History.


Go to Start Control Panel File History


2. Under File History interface, click System Image Backup link under See also in the bottom-left corner to create image backup.


Create System Image Backup


3. Make sure that your external drive connected to PC has enough free space.


4. Then a window of "Create a system image" will appear and you'll be prompted to choose one place to save the backup from the external drive you connected to PC, a network share or DVD blanks. After you decide which place to save, click Next icon to confirm and begin the process by clicking Start backup in the pop-up window.


Confirm to Create System Backup Image




  • The backup can last about 10 minutes to 2 hours which is depending on the amount of backup data, the free space of your hard drive.
  • The lucky thing is that you're able to use your computer as usual, during backup process.




How Can You Restore Windows 10 Backup


  • Connect the hard-drive with the system image backup to computer. Then reboot the computer with the Windows installation media (bootable DVD or bootable USB flash drive.
  • During the Windows Setup, click Next, then click Repair your computer link in the bottom-left corner of screen.
  • Click on Troubleshoot Advanced optionsSystem Image Recovery.
  • Select Windows 10 from the list of operating systems, then click Next and Finish.


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