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OnePlus 3 Camera: OnePlus Nails It This Time

By FonePaw | Jun 27 , 2016

Released on June 14th, OnePlus 3 seems pretty confident with its camera. On its press conference, high-spec camera is a key point. Now that phone camera becomes a determinant factor in users' decision to purchase a new handset, the competition over camera technology among different mobile phone manufacturers heats up. Every smartphone brand flagship claims that it has made great breakthrough on phone picture shooting. So can we take OnePlus's word this time?


OnePlus 3 Picture Sample


 High-end Specs


OnePlus 3's camera looks quite fancy in its specifications: 16 MP Sony sensor, 8 MP front camera, Hexagon 680 DSP, 6GB RAM, dual stabilization (OIS&EIS). Let's dig into these specifications to see where OnePlus have headed by "Never Settle".


OnePlus 3 Never Settle Backgroud

  • Front 8.0MP+Rear 16.0MP Camera: comparing with OnePlus 2, OnePlus has increased camera pixel from Front 5.0MP + Rear 13.0MP to Front 8.0MP+Rear 16.0MP, which is higher than that of Samsung Galaxy S7 (12.0 MP rear camera), the Android smartphone with the best camera. Higher pixel quantity doesn't equal better picture quality, but it does help OnePlus 3's camera to capture more details of an image.


  • Hexagon 680 DSP&6GB RAM: with 6 GB RAM space and Hexagon 680 DSP, OnePlus 3 triples its camera shooting speed with lower power dissipation.


  • Dual Stabilization: OnePlus 3 combines two stabilization technologies in one cell phone to ensure sharpness of a photo. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) mechanically compensates jolts and shakes to avoid blurry photos, while Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), undoes unwanted movements.


OnePlus 3 Rear Camera


Camera Features


OnePlus is also equipped with some outstanding features that make it easier for users to take high quality photo with mobile phone. Isn't that all we can ask from a mobile phone camera: to take gorgeous picture by simple operation?


  • Auto HD Mode: when you open camera app on OnePlus 3, the camera is in Auto HDR Mode, which means the camera will automatically adjust settings for you according to the lightness, for example, enabling the flash in low light. Users only need to press shooting button to capture well-balanced picture.


  • Manual Mode: if you are more comfortable with adjust camera settings by yourself, OnePlus 3 provides you with Manual Mode, where you can change picture compositions such as exposure, focus, ISO. It also supports RAW images.


One Plus 3 Shooting Setting


  • Dynamic De-noise: OnePlus 3 takes several photos at a time, compares the photos to reduce image noises in post-processing and thus increase the clarity.


  • Smile Capture: you don't have press a single button, just smile, and the front camera will capture a smiling picture of you. This is how OnePlus 3's Smile Capture works.


OnePlus 3 Smile Capture


It is fair to say that OnePlus 3 nails it this time with its camera. Though comparing with Samsung Galaxy S7, it may fall behind on the areas such as dark scene shooting, depth-of-field, however, let's be reality, for a phone costing half of Galaxy S's price, the inferiority is acceptable.


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