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[Most-Viewed] Top 5 Posts of iOS Tips & Tricks

By FonePaw | Jan 30 , 2018

In response to what our readers long for, I've written and released a bunch of posts about iOS tips & tricks in terms of settings, default apps, and troubleshooting. It's strongly recommended to look up all of them - [Ultimate Guide] Tips and Tricks for Your iPhone and iPad. Also, I'd like to introduce top 5 popular articles to you. If you have not yet read these posts, I believe that you'd not like to miss them. Now, let's check them out.


Top 1: 7 New Features of Settings in iOS 11 You Don't Know

iOS 11 made its debut in WWDC on June 6, 2017. What's more, ever since then it has been attracting attention all over the world. What brand new features are coming along the way? This is the biggest concern for sure. Actually, there are so many features that cannot be written in a single post. However, these 7 new features are those that most people don't even know about. Curious? Why not click in and take a look?


iPhone Speak Screen


Top 2: Do You Know? 8 iPhone Settings Upgraded in iOS 11

In addition to new features, some settings have been improved in iOS 11 while remain unknown to a majority of iOS users. Even Apple keeps it to itself. If you're interested in what settings enjoy improvements in iOS 11, this post is the right place to go.


Files App on iPhone


Top 3: iOS 11 Makes A More Powerful iPhone Camera

Apart from settings, people seem to attach more importance to iPhone camera, now that we get used to taking photos or videos as to keep a memory alive. iOS 11 brings four new features in iPhone camera and you should really try them out. Also, if you're a fan of iPhone photography, here are iPhone camera tutorials for your consideration.


iPhone Horizontal Crosses


Top 4: Useful Tips on iPhone Notes App Make it The One and Only

In terms of default applications, the Notes app is undoubtedly enjoying the most attention. This app is so versatile and powerful that you don't even need other third-party apps as a substitute. Is it truly as good as I describe? You'll see after you see this post.


iPhone Notes App


Top 5: Apple Maps: Must Know Features When You're Driving

If you're a daily driver, then these tips are made for you. Even though you may have been using Apple Maps for long, there are some must-know features for you. The Apple Maps app also embraces improvements in iOS 11. What are you waiting for? It's a stone away from you.


Apple Maps When Driving


Which post is the most helpful for you? You are warmly welcome to share your ideas with us here. If you like these posts, you can share them with your friends and family.

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