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11 Best iPad Apps for College Students

By FonePaw | Mar 10 , 2022

There is a wide range of options in terms of apps for students that can turn your iPad into an exceptional ally, whether you are in college, high school, academy, language student or you are preparing at home an opposition or online course, you have multiple options of apps for your studies and to improve your digital notes, performance, productivity, and concentration. Opting for an iPad is a perfect investment for any type of student, thanks to the wide repertoire of apps available for our studies.


That's why we bring you in this article 11 apps for students on iPad that you can start using today. With these apps, you can even write my essay online right on your iPad.


GoodNotes or NoteShelf

These apps for students are perfect for making notes on iPad, but in addition, we can take our digital agenda and study planning completely. If you have more devices, synchronize them to be able to access all your notes and agenda from anywhere.


Both Goodnotes and Noteshelf are very intuitive and easy-to-use apps for students, with which you can add the digital stationery HardPeach for all your notes and schemes, organize your agenda with all class projects, and allow us to print all the final results if we need them. Although it is true that currently, we can also opt for other apps for students perfect for taking notes and that are free such as Collanote, Notability, or Notes Writer. Choosing one or the other depends a bit on your preferences.


In addition, you can combine this app for students with a stylus and get amazing notes, they are very easy to use and you will master them in a short time.


Google Docs

Google docs can be very useful for group work in class, so each member of the team can edit the class project without having to be constantly meeting.  Each member of the working group will be able to edit the document in real-time and review it almost immediately.


This way, you will be able to do it simultaneously and help each other to create an amazing project. The window of this app for students is the possibility of exporting it in Word format to be able to continue editing it in a simpler way and for free.



This app for students is perfect to avoid distractions during study sessions. You can activate how long you want to study and the app will start a countdown. If you manage to complete the countdown without using the device, you will be rewarded with a new collectible plant or shrub for your garden in forest garden. Otherwise, the plant will disappear. As you progress or you set longer time ranges you will be able to opt for better and more exotic plant species to create your garden.



This app for students is great for sharing documents or classwork with your classmates from any device. Just create a folder with access to as many members as you want and start sharing documents. Changes are saved in a matter of seconds.


Kana – Hiragana and Katakana

A perfect app for students to learn Japanese, it includes different exercises with difficulty levels. If you are interested in learning a little bit of this language on your own, it is a good way to take your first steps.



Whatever you study, it is very important to know languages. This aspect is highly valued in today's job market. With this app for iPad, you can learn the language you want very easily, as it will provide you with basic and more advanced vocabulary so it will be adapted to your level. There are several languages to choose from such as English, German, Chinese and French.



This app for students is one of the best alternatives to Word for iPad. With it you can develop all your projects that are in the text through a keyboard for iPad or with the same keyboard that includes, as you prefer. It is very easy to use and also, you can export the documents in PDF or Word format so that they can easily open other users.



You will already have this app installed on your iPad and it will be great to learn how to use it to create presentations for your class projects. It is what would be the traditional PowerPoint but in the Apple version, is a very functional and easy-to-use app, which will help us to shape all our class presentations.


Be Focused – Focus Timer (Pomodoro)

The Pomodoro technique has become quite popular among students and opponents. This technique is based on focusing small periods on studying and combining them with breaks to encourage productivity and concentration.


The study time will be divided into blocks, alternating rest and study with the aim that in these periods of concentration we will be much more productive. This app for iPad will organize your time so you can take advantage of this technique and improve your results when you start studying any subject.



This app for students on iPad is an amazing option that will allow us to get answers to our mathematical problems. With a simple image of the equations or class exercises, it will offer us all the solutions solved step by step, in this way, we can get a correction of our result or learn how to perform it correctly.



Although iPad does not have a built-in calculator, we can add one very easily with the Calconvert App for iPad. This calculator option is perfect as it allows us to set it in dual screen and use it while we open our digital notebook, agenda, Youtube, or the PDF that a teacher has sent us.


Final words

These are just some of the different apps for students that we can have on our iPad, and that will help you get the most out of your device while you are studying. The iPad has many different features tailored for students making it an amazing tool for taking notes on iPad and enhancing it with other student apps like these.

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Ray Bergmann
Ray Bergmann
2 year before

I like to know how to factory reset for ipad 4

Antonio Ricca
Antonio Ricca
8 month before

Thank you for the useful tips. It is very important that students feel comfortable studying and performing different tasks. I sometimes turn to a nursing writer if I understand that I don’t have time to write an essay or term paper. This service has helped me out more than once. And I know that many students use it.

Sergiy Palamarenko
Sergiy Palamarenko
4 day before

wow nice thnaks

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